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Online horse auction is the revolutionary way to buy and sell horses and ponies online. From ponies to high performance horses, youngstock, school masters, showjumpers and eventers, or if dressage is your discipline, this is the site for you.

With detailed descriptions and photographs and the knowledge of what facilities you may expect when you go and try the horse, make your search for your next equine partner more effective with Online horse auctions and join in the excitement of an auction. Horse Auction Online has been born from years of glory & pit falls of buying & selling horses.
We understand the disappointments, heartaches, highs & lows, when it comes to the nitty gritty of the equine industry - Hence why we have designed a much healthier, straight forward solution to help reduce the flaws that arise during the sales process.

Buying Horses - Most common problems that arise:

Limited information provided on adverts leads to you spending endless hours on the phone

Spending endless hours on the phone & travelling miles to find that the equines do not match advert description.

You arrive to try a horse & there is no adequate trial facilities.

Vendors choose to withold information about their horse (ie. vices, health problems).

Selling Horses - Most common problems that arise:

Joyriders / Day Trippers / Serial Timewasters.

People not being honest or forthcoming about their true capabilities & experience.

People leaving a deposit & then not collecting for weeks after (if at all), leaving you to foot the livery bill in the meanwhile. Indecisive customers.

These are just a few of many problems that occur when buying or selling a horse!

Spending years of being around owners & riders of all levels and capabilities, we have found the following information useful:

Many buyers are reluctant to attend a `horse sale` for the following reasons:

If a horse goes to a sale, there is a good reason why is there..... It must mean there is something wrong with it because the owner can`t sell it privately. A `horse sale` is very daunting & intimidating and a large percentage of buyers would feel uncomfortable attending, never mind bidding.

There is not enough time to try & get a feel for the horse or gain enough knowledge before bidding.

Exposure to contagious equine diseases`, ie. Strangles.

Many vendors are reluctant to sell their equine at a `horse sale` because they feel they have no control over the sale & fear that their horse may end up in a home they feel unsuitable.

Many buyers are reluctant to buy from a trader for the following reasons:

They have a misconceived idea of what a trader should be. A lot of buyers perceive a horse trader as a `cowboy`.
If a horse has ended up with a trader, there must be something wrong with it.

If a trader has an equine, they could not possibly know the history of the animal.

There is a large percentage of `experienced buyers` that are reluctant to buy from a private seller. This usually happens from a previous bad experience, where a private seller chooses to withhold important information about the horses temperament or health.

As silly as some of these conceptions may seem, they are REAL & these misunderstandings often lead to loss of sales & limit opportunities for both buyer & vendor.

We have also learnt from our own experience`s as well as others, that being completely honest about a horses vices, blemishes & temperament increases the chances of a satisfied sale. There is nothing worst than being told how perfect a horse is & then travelling miles to find that it is unsuitable for intended purposes. Even if it is suitable for the intended purpose, it automatically places a mistrust between buyer & seller. If a vendor is upfront, then the potential buyer has the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they want to take the time to view the equine, thus saving much wasted time & disappointment. TRUST is key to a satisfied sale.

Horse Auction Online offers an opportunity to reduce many these flaws & misconceptions. We provide an online venue & service that encourages full interaction & honesty, between vendor & buyer. Vendors & buyers will ALL have a searchable profile which will share information about experience, equine ethics & ambitions, as well as photographs & an opportunity to upload a youtube video. This will help assess potential buyers & vendors before bidding commences.

Vendors will have FULL control over the sales of their equine until the `fall of the hammer`. It is the vendors responsibility to add potential buyers to their `bid list` to allow them to bid. This is for the safety of the equine, to prevent meat & bogus bidders from bidding.

We hope that you enjoy the use of our revolutionary service & would love to hear your feedback!!

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