Horse Anatomy

Understanding your horses anatomy is very important, below you can watch a painted horse lunging, helping you show how the muscles and bones work while a horse is at work, the video was created by Inside Out an equestrian display team who visit equestrian events showcasing and teaching people to understand your horses anatomy.

Horse Anatomy

Inside Out is run by Gillian Higgins, below you can watch a video of the show reel about the equine tour of Inside Out

Anatomy Of A Horse

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    Ludger Beerbaum

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Marcio Carvalho Jorge

Marcio Carvalho Jorge - Brazil

Sonnica Du Plessis

Sonnica Du Plessis - South Africa

Keady Cadwell

Keady Cadwell - USA
Keady Cadwell
Keady Cadwell

Guy Pascal

Guy Pascal - France - Showjumping Rider Guy Pascal

Rachel Sandoz

Rachel Sandoz - Switzerland - Showjumping RiderRachel Sandoz

Jorge Berganza

Jorge Berganza - Mexico - Showjumping Rider Jorge Berganza

Corlize Kirstein

Corlize Kirstein - South Africa - Endurance Rider | Horses competed by Corlize Kirstein include Joni Aliyah, Joni Mudadji and Joni Jalal Dee.

Juan Miguel Barreda

Juan Miguel Barreda - Mexico - Showjumping Rider Juan Miguel Barreda

Nadia Thorup

Nadia Thorup - Denmark - Showjumping Rider