Helmut Kuck

Helmut Kuck - Germany - Showjumping Rider | Horses competed by Helmut Kuck include Saint Marlo, Graefin Sponek and Cara MIa 3. Below you can watch a video of Helmut Kuck in action riding Cara-Mia in the internation 1.45m class at CSI Leudelange.

Vienna`s Spanish Riding School Lipizzaner Horse Performance Wembley London

Helmut Kuck
Helmut Kuck

Jolanda Adelaars

Jolanda Adelaars - Holland - Dressage Rider | Watch Jolanda Adelaars in action training her horses up to grand prix using clicker training…
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Helmut Brăśnen

Helmut Brăśnen - Germany

Helmut Meidert

Helmut Meidert - Germany - Horse DrivingHelmut Meidert

Helmut Schă–Nleitner

Helmut Schă–Nleitner - Austria

Helmut Schă–Nstetter

Helmut Schă–Nstetter - Germany

Helmut Schwander

Helmut Schwander - Germany

Helmut Morbitzer

Helmut Morbitzer - Austria - Showjumping Rider


Helmut Morbitzer & Rascal, Atlanta 1996 Olympics

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Helmut Morbitzer

Helmut Burger

Helmut Burger - Italy - ShowjumpingHelmut Burger

Helmut Schweihofer

Helmut Schweihofer - Germany - Horse DrivingHelmut Schweihofer

Helmut Ludwiger

Helmut Ludwiger - Austria - ShowjumpingHelmut Ludwiger

Helmut Schabauer

Helmut Schabauer - Austria - ShowjumpingHelmut Schabauer

Helmut Bergendahl

Helmut Bergendahl - Germany - EventingHelmut Bergendahl

Helmut Aldinger

Helmut Aldinger - Germany - ShowjumpingHelmut Aldinger

Helmut Konrad

Helmut Konrad - Germany - ShowjumpingHelmut Konrad