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Harry Marshall

Harry Marshall is a showjumping rider from Ireland who competes internationally with a number of different horses, below you can watch Harry Marshall in action competing in the prestigious Aachen grand prix with the talented Cruiseline (sired by Cruising)

Harry Marshall and Cruiseline (ISH) - CHIO5 Aachen Nations Cup - 2000

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Harry Marshall

Q. I’ve heard that garlic is good for repelling flies, but is it good for anything else? Can you feed horses fresh cloves of garlic and if so, how many at a time?

Garlic has been fed to horses for many generations for its alleged health-giving properties. And as you say in your letter, many have also found that it can help repel flies.

It is advised that to have an effect, however, you will need to start feeding your horse the garlic daily from February – particularly if your problem is with midges.

My old-fashioned herbal book says that the daily dose of fresh garlic for a horse is two bulbs, which is a lot of garlic! A more modern tome, however, suggests four cloves daily for routine use, but to increase this to 12 if there is still a problem.

Some of the experts maintain that you should not use fresh garlic, as it can be too strong and may inflame the horse’s gums. Dried garlic is certainly much easier and cheaper, and you would probably feed from 5-25g per day depending on the size of the horse or pony. And as a guideline, five grams of dried garlic is equal to 20-25g of fresh garlic.

Harry Marshall

Harry Rowcliffe

Harry Rowcliffe - UK

Harry Rowcliffe

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Harry Rowcliffe

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Josephine Frankland - Australia