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Hafner Horse Photography ❤🐴

Professional horse photography with capturing the heart and character of the horse : Bookable throughout Switzerland, info@hafnerphotography.ch see below some images from Hafner Photography portfolio.

Pearl, Ron and Dollar by Hafner Photography ❤🐴 Hafner Photography

Hafner Horse Photography
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Especially in horse photography, as a photographer, you cannot avoid retouching your photos. Be it the removal of annoying fences in the background or flies, smoothing out quirks in the fur or even removing halters - many things are possible today and give the picture the finishing touch. But what tools are there anyway? How do I use them correctly without sitting in front of the computer for hours. How do I manage difficult retouching? Follow Hafner Photogrpahy for useful photography webinar`s
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Hafner Equestrian Photography.jpg

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Hafner Photography, Switzerland

Reining Horses

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