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HGV Class 1 and Class 2 Training Courses - Birmingham

HGV Class 1 and Class 2 Training Courses - Birmingham

A1 Driving Group provide a range of professional training courses throughout the West Midlands. If you would like to gain your licence to drive heavy goods vehicles, look no further than us. We are here to support your first steps in the transport industry. With HGV LGV and PCV training in Birmingham, we have you covered on all bases.

When it comes to HGV driver training in Birmingham, you will be hard pushed to find a better service than ours. Our HGV driver training will have you ready to gain your full licence in no time whatsoever. Our HGV training courses are specifically designed to meet your individual needs and help you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible. You will receive assistance from an experienced tutor, who will guide you through the beginning of your HGV driving life.

Are you interested in receiving LGV training in the the West Midlands area? Here at HGV LGV PCV Driver Training London, we pride ourselves on providing top quality LGV training for anyone looking to gain a full licence as soon as possible. There will be no waiting around with us, you can rest assured that we will provide efficient driver training for you to benefit from.

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What License Do I Need To Drive A Horsebox
We have many years of experience in providing quality instruction to a range of drivers, from age 18 upwards.

Whether you are thinking about a new career or career change into HGV driving, or you are an experienced driver looking to add a new type of vehicle to your licence, we can offer the professional training course you need.

From horseboxes right up to driving an articulated lorry with a trailer, we can offer courses to allow you to drive any size or type of HGV/LGV legally and safely, opening up all kinds of new career opportunities.

Confused about HGV driving licences?
We understand that all the different legal requirements and licensing jargon can be confusing so donít worry if you donít know your D1 from your CPC, and have no idea what a Class 1 means Ė we can help and guide you every step of the way with expert advisers on hand to explain which licence you need for your driving requirements.

Why choose us?
As the longest established LGV/HGV driver training company in the Crawley area, we have many years of experience in providing quality instruction to a range of drivers, from age 18 upwards.

All our driver are former professional LGV/HGV drivers themselves so they can pass on a lot more than just driving theory and we have a very comprehensive fleet of modern vehicles just waiting for you to get behind the wheel.

We also have an expert team on hand to answer any questions you have and to help make sure you have all the right paperwork and licensing in place to meet the legal requirements for whichever type of HGV driver training you decide to undertake.

How do I decide which course I need?
It really depends on what type of vehicle you want to drive. The best way to work out which option is best is to browse through our training pages and have a look at all of the different categories.

Whether you are driving a caravan for leisure, or a tanker long distance for work, we have the right course for every requirement. If you are not sure, take a look through the website and then call us with any further questions.

How long does it take to get an HGV licence?
It depends which course you are taking and what experience you already have, but most of our training courses last an average of five days, so you could be qualified and driving for your new career within a week!

What could I do after HGV training? Depending on which course and which licence you opt for, undertaking professional HGV driver training will open many doors for you for a long and fulfilling driving career, whether itís as an ambulance driver, delivery driver, home removal driver, long distance lorry driver or tanker driver. If you opt for the bus training then you could be working for your local bus company or become a holiday coach driver travelling the world. The possibilities are endless.

HGV Class 1 and Class 2 Training Courses - Birmingham