British Riders

Guy Williams

Guy Williams was born on the July 11th 1971 and started riding from an early age with his first pony a shetland pony called Peter. Guy first jumping pony was named Pudding, together they picked up many ribbons in the jumping arena. In 1989 Guy Williams was placed 2nd in the under 18/21s at the horse of the year show, three years later Guy began riding for Brendon stud and among his successes was a win in the young horse finals at Zangersheide stud.

Guy Williams Winning The Olympia Puissance Riding Mr Blue Sky
In 1999 Guy Williams would move to USA to ride for Margie Goldstein for a year. When he returned to the UK Guy continued his success winning the Hickstead speed derby, HOYS grand prix and the Gents at the Scope Festival of Showjumping as well as many international victories.
Guy Williams - Showjumper

There aren`t many riders who can catch Guy Williams when it comes down to speed. He`s one of the fastest in the world against the clock and always puts on an exciting performance for the crowd.

Guy, 38, started riding as a child and began jumping at affiliated shows at 14 years old. It was as a young rider that he started to come into the public eye when he represented Britain at the young rider Europeans with Major Highland, a horse who later went on to win gold with Joanne Atkins.

When he moved into the senior ranks, he received help from Peter Charles and in 2002 bought Loro Piana Hamlet from him, the horse whom he credits with changing his career.

The following year, Guy won the Leading Show Jumper of the Year title at the Horse of the Year Show with Loro Piana Hamlet and following that win came offers from new sponsors and owners.

Since then, Guy has become a regular winner both nationally and internationally with horse such as Skip Two Ramiro, speed Derby winner Be Precise, Mysteron, Onyx V and, more recently, Torinto Van De Middelstede.


Guy Williams


A chestnut stallion by Calvados, GoldDigger is an impressive competition horse with an excellent performance record with Guy Williams in the saddle.

Garry Williams

Garry Williams -
Garry Williams

Garry Williams Horses


Garry Williams Competition Results

26 - Scope, Discovery Preliminary Round 2 - 31/08/2005 - Astral
28 - Scope, Discovery Preliminary Round 1 - 30/08/2005 - Astral

Candice Williams

Candice Williams -
Candice Williams

Candice Williams

Candice Williams Horses Aurina

Candice Williams Competition Results

04 - Scope, Grade B Championship - 03/09/2005 - Aurina
05 - Scope, Grades B & C Preliminary Round 2 - 02/09/2005 - Aurina
02 - Scope, 1.30m Amateur Rider Preliminary Round 1 - 29/08/2005 - Aurina

Catherine Jill Williams

Catherine Jill Williams - USACatherine Jill Williams

Cinda Williams

Cinda Williams - USA

Cindy Williams

Cindy Williams - Australia

Colleen Williams

Colleen Williams - USAColleen Williams

Dudley Williams

Dudley Williams - Dudley Williams

Amy Williams

Amy Williams - UKAmy Williams

Anita Williams

Anita Williams - USA

Anna-Jane Williams

Anna-Jane Williams - UK


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Wendi Williamson

Wendi Williamson - New Zealand - Dressage RiderWendi Williamson

Emily Williams

Emily Williams -

Erin Williams

Erin Williams - UKErin Williams

Fiona Williams

Fiona Williams - AustraliaFiona Williams

Guillermo Williams

Guillermo Williams - Mexico

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams - UK

Joan Williams

Joan Williams - USAJoan Williams

Kathryn Williams

Kathryn Williams - USAKathryn Williams

Katie Williams

Katie Williams - UKKatie Williams

Kelley Williams

Kelley Williams - USA

Kristina Williams

Kristina Williams - USAKristina Williams

Linda Williams

Linda Williams - AustraliaLinda Williams

Louise Bley Williamsson

Louise Bley Williamsson - SwedenLouise Bley Williamsson

Myles Williams

Myles Williams -

Nicholas Channing-Williams

Nicholas Channing-Williams - UK

Penny Williams

Penny Williams - New Zealand

Renae Williams

Renae Williams - Australia

Rory Williams

Rory Williams - UK

Stacy Williams

Stacy Williams - USA

Stephen Williams

Stephen Williams - UK

Williams Jo

Williams Jo - UK - ShowjumpingWilliams Jo

Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams - UKThomas Williams

Michelle Williamson

Michelle Williamson - UK - Video - Michelle Williamson - Wellington EC - My Man Mickie

Jennifer Schrader-Williams

Jennifer Schrader-Williams - USA Jennifer Schrader-Williams

Liza Jones-Williams

BHS Registered Freelance Instructor.

Fully trained, accustomed to all types, sexes and sizes. Interested in working with the rider to improve the horse. Willing to train horses and teach owners for driving. Will back, break and bring on youngsters, with or without owners. Have you and your horse come to a problem? Do you require some friendly, professional advice? C.V and prices on request.

Address 2 Fernbank, West Alvington, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 3PR,

Telephone 07811 691 424 | Email Liza Jones-Williams

Matt Williams

Matt Williams is a showjumping rider from Australia, below you can watch Matt Williams riding Landthago

Matt Williams (born May 9, 1985 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) is an Australian equestrian who competes in the sport of show jumping. He competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics, where he came in 21st individually and 7th with the Australian team

Matt Williams Horses




Matt Williams Competition Results

01 - South of England, R & R Stevenson Grade C Top Score - 10/06/2006 - Sitchmore
06 - ROYAL WINDSOR HORSE SHOW, Accenture Young Rider Grand Prix - 14/05/2006 - Contact
01 - ROYAL WINDSOR HORSE SHOW, Six Bar - 13/05/2006 - Contact
15 - Scope, 1.25m Preliminary Round 2 - 01/09/2005 - Kimberley

Pat McWilliams

Pat McWilliams -

KLINT BLACK - KLINT BLACK, an exciting homozygous black halter champion son of Desperado V is available at stud in 04. 15:11/2 now, he should easily mature 15:2+. Transported semen is available.With a pedigree boasting three crosses to Huckleberry Bey++, two to Khemosabi++++ and two to *Bask++, his 04 stud fee of $1200 is a bargain too good to pass up. A $300 booking fee will reserve your breeding with the balance of $900 due when your mare is confirmed 60 days in foal. Sweepstakes Nominated and SCID clear. In July he was named UNANIMOUS Region 15 Champion Futurity Colt. Email for additional pictures. Contact Phone: 610-589-4864

Lindsay Williams

Lindsay Williams - Canada

2007 KNN Knabstrupper Grading in the UK

There will be two Grading dates for the 2007 KNN Knabstrupper grading; one in Scotland and one in England.

Gradings will be held at Kingswood EC, Wolverhampton, on 5th October and at Balcormo Stud, Fife on 7th October.

Full information, schedules and entry forms are available on the UK KNN Grading Website:

Sarah Williamson

Sarah Williamson - UK

Mark Williams


Mark Williams Competition Results

12 - Horse Of The Year Show, Foxhunter - 07/10/2004 - UNA II

Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams - USA - Eventing / Hartpury Festival of Dressage - Prix St Georges - Sarah Williams & Bohingus W Sarah Williams


Guy Williams & Zaire - Bury Farm All Stars Grand Prix Le Val Blanc x Sugata, -

Yazmin Williamson

Yazmin Williamson - UK - Horse VaultingYazmin Williamson

James Williams

James Williams - Australia - EventingJames Williams

Norman Williamson

Norman Williamson - Ireland - JockeyNorman Williamson

Tara Williams

Tara Williams - UK - EventingTara Williams

Danielle Williams

Danielle Williams - USA Danielle Williams

Edward Williams

Edward Williams -
Edward Williams Edward Williams Horses Temper Tantrums

Edward Williams Competition Results

06 - Scope, Tiny Tots Preliminary Round 1 - 30/08/2006 - Temper Tantrums

Jane Williams

Jane Williams - UK - Race Horse Trainer
Jane Williams

Judith Williams

Judith Williams - New Zealand - Eventing Judith Williams

Sarah Invicta Williams

Sarah Invicta Williams - USA

Ashleigh Williams

Ashleigh Williams - New Zealand - Dressage Rider Ashleigh Williams

Evan Williams

Evan Williams - Jockey Evan Williams

Joshua Williams

Joshua Williams - USA Joshua Williams

Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams - USA - Showjumping Rider Lisa Williams

Lynn Oslick Williams

Lynn Oslick Williams - USA - Endurance Rider Lynn Oslick Williams

Marti Williams

Marti Williams - USA - Eventing Riders Marti Williams

Kylie Williams

Kylie Williams - Australia - Endurance Rider Kylie Williams

Michelle Louise Williams

Michelle Louise Williams - UK - Dressage Rider Michelle Louise Williams

Dana Mc Williams

Dana Mc Williams - USA - Showjumping Rider Dana Mc Williams

Rebekah Williams

Rebekah Williams - New Zealand - EventingRebekah Williams

Marcia Williamson

Marcia Williamson - Australia - Eventing Marcia Williamson

Serena Williams

Serena Williams - UK - Eventing Serena Williams

Angus Williams

Angus Williams - Australia - Showjumping Rider Angus Williams

Rhiannon Williams

Rhiannon Williams - Canada - Dressage Rider Rhiannon Williams

Simone Williams

Simone Williams - Canada - Dressage Rider Simone Williams

Clare Williams

Clare Williams - UK - Showjumping Rider Clare Williams

Sally Williams

Sally Williams - UK - Eventing Sally Williams

Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams - Australia - Showjumping Rider Matthew Williams

Sarah Spencer-Williams

Sarah Spencer-Williams - UK

Jo-Anne Williams

Jo-Anne Williams - UK

Jo-Anne Williams

Alex Williams

Alex Williams - Alex

Sam Williams

Sam Williams - Australia - Showjumping Rider Sam Williams

Coralie Williams

Coralie Williams - New Zealand Coralie Williams

Cyrus Williams

Cyrus Williams - UK Cyrus Williams

John Williams

John Williams - USA John Williams

Polly Williamson

Polly Williamson is a British event rider who suffered a very bad fall that put her in a coma, she has struggled back but is now back in the saddle competing. Polly Williamson has an impressive competition record competing internationally and some of the biggest horse trials in the UK including Badminton, Burghley Horse Trials and many others.

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Below you can see Polly Williamson at the Royal Windsor Horse Show giving a short interview to the British Horse Society.

Polly Williamson

Samantha Williams

Samantha Williams - USA - Dressage Rider Samantha

Odette Williams

Odette Williams - Canada - Dressage RiderOdette Williams

Laura Williams

Laura Williams - ShowjumpingLaura Williams

Laura Williams Horses

      Oak Business

Laura Williams Competition Results

12 - Scope, DMS Novice Consolation - 31/08/2003 - Oak Business

Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams is an Australian dressage rider and Reining rider, below you can watch a fantastic show of horsemanship competing bridless in a freestyle reining competition
Wayne Williams

Rachel Williamson

Rachel Williamson - USA - Dressage RiderRachel Williamson

Noel Williams

Noel Williams - USA - Dressage Rider Noel Williams

Winston Williams

Winston Williams - UK - EventingWinston Williams

N. Williamson

N. Williamson - Jockey

N. Williamson Competition Results

11 - Aintree, Grand National - 09/04/2002 - Mely Moss
2 - Aintree, Grand National - 09/04/2000 - Mely Moss
12 - Aintree, Grand National - 09/04/1999 - General Wolfe

Jacqueline Williams

Jacqueline Williams - UK - ShowjumpingJacqueline Williams

Jan Williams

Jan Williams - USA - Dressage RiderJan Williams

Polly Williamson Event Rider

Polly Williamson Event Rider Polly

Timothy Williams

Timothy Williams - Australia - Eventing Timothy