Guillaume Ducos

Guillaume Ducos

Guillaume is plunged since his childhood in the world of horses. His family settled in the region of Bordeaux, owned horses for four generations. Her mom was riding instructor and ran a riding school in the south west.

It is therefore natural that William is facing this discipline beginner pony.

Guillaume has indeed evolved from many years in the biggest pony international show jumping alongside Alexandra Lederman or Roger Yves Boost, before moving at the age of 15 years to dressage, a discipline that his mother liked especially.


William then took the decision to follow a quality education. It is down in the south of France at Christian Forlini, which allowed him to discover the discipline of dressage.

William spent several patents: tutoring and then riding to the Instructor national riding school in Saumur.

Returning an internship in Germany Johan Hinneman William then stops at Court Saint Etienne in the stables of Patrick Le Rolland, former equerry to the black frame and rider must Saumur in the world of French dressing. The latter, seeking a jumper, took Guillaume services for two years.


Nedji, Presley and Don Jonson

The first dressage horse Guillaume was an Anglo-Arab Nedji name, he has up to level Saint Georges in France, where he has also been a champion of France Anglo-Arab in 1991 Pompadour.

In 2002, he led Presley, a KWPN World Championship for Young Horses in Verden, where he finished 18 th in the competition.

There was also Don Jonson, Oldenburg stallion purchased at the age of one year, that William has prepared and submitted to the admission standards of SBS (which was approved), and with whom he has successfully participated in cycle young horses in national tests 4 and 5 years.

The most striking partner`s career is certainly his horse William Prince, who has access to three-star international events but also at the stage of the World Cup in Mechelen. Both were chained and no less than four seasons on the most prestigious international dressage square.

Sunset Farm Haras des Quatre Chemins

In 2004 the course William took an important turn since joined the breeding Haras des Quatre Chemins in Ham-sur-Heure until 2011, after having had its own facilities Seneffe, Sunset Farm, for 12 years.

He worked on the development of standards "home" as well as products of the stud.

Maserati Trakehner stallion he formed and led to the Grand Prix level, after a brief stint in Intermediate 1, where it is qualified to participate in the CDI *** Vierzon in July 2006.

William has followed and continues to follow courses with the biggest names in dressage

(Forlini, Hinneman, Marina Vandenbergh, Catherine Durant-Henriquet, Marietta Almasy, Jan Bemelmans, Mariette Withages, Patrick Le Rolland and Stephan Van Ingelgem).

Belgian Dressage Riders

Guillaume Ducos Horses

Guillaume Ducos Competition Results

Guillaume Ducos Guillaume Ducos is a successful rider from Belgium who competed in the sport of dressage, if you can help us expand our rider profile please email us at info@stableexpress.com

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Guillaume Ducos


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Dust Luck - This young buckskin stallion is the fourth generation of a line of King Ranch bred horses that saw double duty as both working/riding horses and breeding animals. Dust Luck`s grandsire, Sentido Comun, also saw the inside of a show pen, placing in both western pleasure and cutting futurities. His dam was a winner and money earner at NCHA sanctioned cuttings, plus she was good minded and very versatile.

Dust Luck`s first foals are now six year olds, and we are exceptionally pleased with every crop. They all have their sire`s correct conformation, athletic ability and willing minds. In a short time Dust Luck has become a signature stallion, in the sense that breeders constantly bring their mares to Dust Luck for his ability to sire exceptional minds. Giving his offspring an advantage over the average babies in the world. They are easier to break, have incomparable trainability, and are always asking, "What can I do for you today?" They are all soft moving horses with a lot of cow. Plus, as an added bonus-Dust Luck is homozygous black meaning you will never get a sorrel based baby, and sires 50% buckskin!

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