Horse Vets

Golden Plains Equine, Bannockburn, Victoria, Australia

OUR MISSION is to provide the best possible veterinary care for your horses when you need it

Golden Plains Equine is providing expert veterinary care for equine clients in the wider Golden Plains area including, Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and up to the outskirts of Ballarat.

Golden Plains Equine, Bannockburn, Victoria, Australia

Our very experienced equine veterinarians use top rate diagnostic equipment, including portable digital radiography, ultrasound, upper airway endoscopy, ECG monitoring and pathology tests, to give the best care to your equine friends.

Treatments may include the use of cutting-edge therapeutics or surgery, where necessary. Of course, we are available for emergencies at any time.

If appropriate, your horse may be required to be hospitalised at our Lethbridge facility. They will receive around the clock supervision and appropriate intensive care.

The following list includes the most commonly provided problems for which we provide services. However, if your horse shows any symptoms that are of concern to you please contact us for a consultation.

Internal Medicine - Gastrointestinal Diseases including colic management, Metabolic Disorders, Gastroscopy for ulcers, Surgery, Upper Airway Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Hernia Repairs, Castrations, including cryptorchid surgery, Eye Surgery, Lumpectomy And much more!

Reproduction - Breeding Soundness Assessment, Pregnancy Diagnosis, Ovary and Uterine Assessment, Caslick Procedure, Prenatal Care, Postnatal Assessment of mare and foal, Foaling down

Lameness and Pre-Purchase Examinations - Full Lameness Examination, including nerve blocks, Digital Radiography, Tendon Ultrasound, Pre-Purchase Examination, following the guidelines recommended by the Equine Veterinarians Australia, Nutrition and Horse Care Information

Vaccinations, Microchipping, Dentistry, Parasite Treatment, Skin Diseases, Care of the Aged horse

Behaviour Consultations - Behavioural Disorders, Nervous System Disorders

Equine Consultations and Emergencies please call: Golden Plains area - 03-5281 2226 / Warrnambool area - 0409 676 771

Golden Plains Equine, Bannockburn, Victoria, Australia