Getting on the first page of Google Local Maps

What kinds of businesses benefit from Local Search Marketing?

Any business that provides a service. We specialize in local businesses such as; dentists, doctors, lawyers, salons, day spas, restaurants, flower shops, automotive repair, house keeping, and so many more.

What`s the difference between Local Search Marekting and Local SEO?

They are very similar in many regards. Local Search Marketing would focus heavily on getting exposure on search engines and business directories where you can create free or paid listing. Local SEO is taking that a step further and combining with a more traditional Search Engine Optimization approach so that your website PageRank will also gain in the Organic Links as well.

Search Engines

What are they?

You have undoubtably heard of Google, Yahoo and Bing before. All are major search engines. Over the last few years each of these major search engines have created specific products to start bringing the vast amount of information on the internet into more localized forums. Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local are major resources that millions of users use everyday.

Why are these important to your local business?

Users (potential customers) use these localized resources every day whether on their computers or mobile phones. They are looking for additional information about things and places that they already know about, or they are searching for new businesses to explore and try. Its essential to be listed and ranked well in each of these search engines to maximize your businesses online exposure to the masses.

What is the best way for your business to utilize these search engines?

Claim your business or Create a listing at each one.
Ensure that this information is Accurate and always updated.
Avoid duplicate listings as you can/will be penalized.
Be sure to keep your information consistent.

Do Not break the rules or guidelines set forth by each as this can result in your listing being removed or even banned. There really is a lot more to it then just simply signing up and creating your listing and leaving it stagnant. You can be assured that we constantly keep up with the latest changes and routinely work to optimize each listing for every client. Weve said it before and its important enough to mention again if you dont show up in search results when customers are searching for your services then you simply dont exist to them.

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Getting on the first page of Google Local Maps