Endurance Riding

Gerard Bettenfeld

Gerard Bettenfeld is an endurance rider from France with a number of placings and wins on FEI endurance rides, horses competed by Gerard Bettenfeld includes Koheila Godasil with whom Gerard competed 1t the 2006 world championships, other horses ridden by Gerard Bettenfeld include Marlouf De Norvavre, Paulo Du Gatz and Hanaka

Gerard Bettenfeld

Gerard Bettenfeld

Gerard Bou

Gerard Bou - Australia

Gerard Brault

Gerard Brault - France

Gerard Cases

Gerard Cases - France

Gerard Cobo Trabal

Gerard Cobo Trabal - Spain

Gerard le Heux

Gerard le Heux - Holland

Gerard Marragou

Gerard Marragou - FranceGerard Marragou

Gerard Peres

Gerard Peres - France

Gerard Celso

Gerard Celso - France

Gerard Coton

Gerard Coton - France

Gerard Dupont

Gerard Dupont - France

Gerard Lemaire

Gerard Lemaire - France

Gerard Picard

Gerard Picard - FranceGerard Picard

Gerard Rousselin

Gerard Rousselin - France

Gerard Billebault

Gerard Billebault - FranceGerard Billebault

Gerard Bourg

Gerard Bourg - FranceGerard Bourg

Gerard Campbell

Gerard Campbell - Ireland

Gerard de Kruyff

Gerard de Kruyff - Holland

Gerard Finkelstein

Gerard Finkelstein - FranceGerard Finkelstein

Gerard Konczewski

Gerard Konczewski - France

Gerard Leyten

Gerard Leyten - Holland

Gerard Pares Roura

Gerard Pares Roura - Spain

Gerard Prost

Gerard Prost - France

Gerard Bertoni

Gerard Bertoni - France

Danish Warmblood x TB colt foal

Chestnut Colt foal born 12th June 2008

Sire: Denounce (GB) (Selkirk)

Dam: Cranswick`s Maybrit (May Sherif)

Superb event prospect combining the Warmblood and TB blood that is so in demand for event horses. This colt is a lovely natured chap with good looks, conformation and paces.

Denounce, Louella`s young TB stallion is an impressive horse with great presence, athletic movement and a wonderful kind temperament. Henry Cecil, his trainer, said "Denounce was a miler with great potential, good looking and beautifully bred. I honestly feel that he would have been a definite group winning prospect had he not sustained a serious leg injury at Doncaster, which finished his racing career".

Maybrit is a new addition to our broodmare herd and is by the fabulous May Sherif. She is a graded DV mare and had a successful ridden career before breeding this, her first foal.

OIRO: £2,500

Contact us through the website or his owner, Steve Morris who can be contacted on 01773 811359.

Gerard Bellec

Gerard Bellec - France

Hesa Zee+/ (Xenophonn x Somthing Special)

Legion of Supreme Honor
Sire of 2007 champion purebred reining futurity
Many wins in reining, including: Canadian Reserve National Champion, Region 10 Western Pleasure Top 5
Sweepstakes Nominated
MN Medallion Nominated
SCID Clear

Gerard Boudier

Gerard Boudier - France

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Gerard Fourmond

Gerard Fourmond - France - Show Jumping Rider

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler is a trainer of race horses, based in Newmarket, Gerard Butler has had a number of race winners, but hit troubled times in 2013 when he received a five year ban after a number of horses that he trained tested positive for anabolic steroids.  Gerard Butler Race Horse Trainer  Rowan Ball Showjumper 

Gerard Roman

Gerard Roman - France - Endurance Rider

Gerard Olivier

Gerard Olivier - France - Endurance Rider

Gerard Grutza

Gerard Grutza - Poland - Showjumping Rider Gerard Grutza

Gerard O`Neill

Gerard O`Neill - Showjumping Rider Gerard O`Neill

Gerard De Lange

Gerard De Lange - Holland - Horse Driving Gerard