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Utilising innovative ideas in the current horse box market we are producing some of the best value vehicles available today. With the safest, strongest and most distinctive materials Galloper has already produced vehicles that are at the top of their field.

Investing in a Galloper Horsebox forges a lifetime relationship with a company that uses a vast array of experience to produce something unique for each customer.

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The new Galloper 350TR is designed with the new requirements of the transport industry in mind and the 350XL has been tailored to suit the modern needs of the day show rider. The TR comes with optional full bulkhead. If you can not drive a 7.5t then the 350XL is the ideal choice.

Our stunning 650 range is designed to carry the largest horses and can take up to 3 tons of payloads. Available in two options the L and XL they cater for the family day event or the odd night away. This is now available with the options of taking the relevant test required to drive vehicles over 3.5 tons included.

The 750+ range is available in endless options and can cost as little as £20000 up to as much as you can think of. These are built on a range of vehicles from the Mitsubishi Canter with its excellent payload to the top of the range Mercedes, Renault, MAN, Iveco and DAF models.

Our modern facilities and continual search for better materials and build standards have already put us at the forefront of the horsebox market, offering high quality vehicles at affordable prices.

Our staff are highly skilled and encouraged to bring forward new ideas to benefit the final product. Our customers are encouraged to express ideas for their own vehicles - no one knows their own horses better. Therefore every vehicle is slightly different and suits the various needs of the modern horse owner.

Having our own in house paint facility provides the customer with an endless choice of designs and colours.

Galloper Lightweight 350 XL
The innovative 350 range has taken the UK market by storm. At last a genuine three and a half ton vehicle with a proper payload.

The 350TR is specially designed for the transport industry and is fitted with the latest safety features and has already found service with Horses in Motion in Salisbury. Made from the latest lightweight composites the payloads can go as high as 1400kg. Full angled bulkheads, storage lockers and lightweight ramps. The 350TR is completely sealed so it can be cleaned with the minimum of down time. Horse camera and reversing camera are available for added safety. LED lights make sure that following vehicles can see you and double ventilation keeps the horses fresh and relaxed. Options are available but will affect the final payload.

350XL is designed mainly for the single horse rider who is looking for more than a transport vehicle. Although it will comfortably fit two 17.3 plus horses in it even with its extraordinary load capacity of up to 1.3 tons (depending on options) we suggest you only carry one big or two smaller horses. With a large living area in the rear you have a sink, gas hobsand single bed. Vehicles have full bulkhead and fitted tack locker with a total of 3 external lockers.

We are also able to produce the old fashion box made from traditional materials from £12000 plus VAT. This usually has a payload of approx 900kg and is suitable for medium size horse of about 600kg or less.
Galloper Horseboxes

Galloper Horseboxes