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Friesian Stallion - Leen K @Kjara Kocbek Animal Photography

Have a look at this stunning Friesian stallion enjoying his time out in the field 😄😄😄 Photography by Kjara Kocbek Friesian Stallion - Leen K

Pinto Friesian Stallion - ORCAPinto Friesian Stallion - ORCA

Friesian Horses

Friesian horses were thought to have evolved in the Netherlands as a breed from European war horses many centuries ago. In their early days as a breed, they were strong and sturdy enough to carry a fighting knight dressed in full armor.

Well-known for its coat and black color, a small number of them are known to be chestnut in color. While the typical pure breed Friesian horse has no markings other than a small forehead star, others have white markings; usually only plain black-coated ones or the ones bearing the small white star are considered for registration. The horses with multiple streaks of white on their coat are not as `pure` as the more completely black horses are.

These handsome horses have, in addition to their distinctive gleaming black coats, a thick mane and tail, and `feathered` hair on the lower legs. This distinctive hair is not cut, but left on the legs to feather gracefully, giving the horses an attractive and unique look.

Friesian horses are hardy, adaptable creatures who have long been used both for `harness work`; that is, as hitched to a wagon or plow for agricultural work or other carrying device, or `saddle work.` They are often ridden by regular riders, as found at horse shows and races. Good natured animals, they function well in both capacities.

As the breed of horse, Friesian`s were traditionally raised alongside dairy animals and part of their early work was in support of the dairy farms, when mechanization became prevalent as a way of improving farm operation, the need for these elegant horses began to wane and the line nearly died out through lack of need for the beast. However, their hardy versatility helped them survive and flourish as a breed as it still flourishes today.

While these beautiful animals are of European descent, and enjoy a good market on the continent, there is a booming Friesian horses for sale market for these animals in the States as well. Large horse breeding farms exist throughout the country, from the West Coast, spreading through Middle America, and over to the East Coast.

Interested buyers can routinely find a Friesian horse sale at the well-known breeding farms that are advertised on the Internet. The online listing of Friesian horses gives a comprehensive outline of the famous horse farms, the horses they breed, and other pertinent information concerning the availability of the breed.

The breed continues to flourish today both as its conventional durable form, and with at least two new breedings, both of which are lighter agile attractive horses in the same form as the traditional purebred Friesian horse, which has graced the horse world for ages.

The newer breeds of the Friesian horses for sale are referred to as the `Friesian cross` and the `Friesian Sportbreed.` These two exemplary horses have been imbued with both the most valuable attributes of the old Friesian breed and newer hearty genetics from a well-matched cross breed. That being said `true` Friesian lovers will only own and invest in a `pure` registered Friesian horses for sale!

Fallsvale Farms was established in 2001. We have carefully selected our mares for the finest qualities and believe that this `homework` shines through in the quality of our foals for sale.

All of the foals are handled from the day they are born, with loving guidance. They are people friendly and very loving animals. Of course, the natural sweet temperament of these beautiful Friesian horses really helps!

Friesian Stallion - Leen K @Kjara Kocbek Animal Photography