Free Jumping Will Benefit Your Horse

A horse doesn`t need a help from a rider when it comes to jumping over high obstacles-fences. You can find the evidence of that in the following video, where a highly talented horse is doing some free jumps over tall fences. He is showing a great form while jumping and he is doing that so naturally.
According to the rules, free jumping means to set up a horse to jump a fence all by himself. Often, in order to keep the horse from running around the side of the fence and to direct him toward the fence, the owners set up a jumping chutes on the one side of the arena.

As professionals from the Equine Wellness shared with us, free jumping is very useful for one horse, because it helps him in improving his confidence and balance. But it`s very important that you properly set your horse for free jumps and must not ask a lot from him. First of all he can injure himself, by making him jump over bigger and bigger fence. And second, that might damage him mentally and terrify him in the future. You must take a short sessions of training and don`t forget to give him a brake after every session. He must recover. And for more protection, you can put leg boots on your horse.

Consider free jumping as a beneficial thing for your horse where we can see horse`s natural talent. But if you want to give your horse a free jumping sessions, we highly recommend you to take some advices from an equestrian. He will show you how a proper session should look like.

Free Jumping Will Benefit Your Horse
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