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Francesca Sternberg

I began riding when I was seven and my mother bought two donkeys. I followed her around the garden on the back of one and knew I had found my vocation!! My parents were not horsey at all but finally at 11 years old I was bought a pony and from there on in I rode every spare minute of the day. I was in the Pony Club and on the show jumping and event teams, later on I did Young Rider show jumping and evented to Intermediate level, whilst showing Hunters and riding side saddle, so it was all rather full on! I just wanted to do it all and was doing quite well producing young horses and even managed to be Reserve Side Saddle Rider of the Year.

Red Dirt Paleface and Francesca Sternberg Score NRHA Derby Championship I was however the quintessential English rider so it was quite a left turn that brought me to Western Riding.
My sister introduced me to Quarter Horses in 1988 and I was amazed at what they could do. An eventing accident led to me having 18 months out of jumping and so during that time I became more involved in the Western side of things. At the end of that chapter I did one more BE event, then hung up my English boots, sold my eventers and hunters and concentrated on the Quarter Horses. Now, some 21 years later, I am aiming for my third WEG (2010) which is fantastic. I have seen the discipline of reining catapault from an "All American" sport to a global equestrian industry at the highest level and it has been an exciting adventure!

Reining is the fastest growing equestrian event and I would love to see it become an Olympic discipline. In 2007 I became the first European lady rider to break through the $100,000 earnings bracket and I am now working on the next $100,000! I like to set goals as they motivate me, but without a doubt one of the most exciting parts of my career has been being on the British Team. I suffer from pre show nerves quite badly but have gained help in that area from a sports psychologist and realise now how much time we spend on getting our horses ready and how little time we spend on ourselves!! It is an area I would like to investigate more and encourage anyone who suffers from stage fright to do the same.

In addition to riding, I run Sterling Quarter Horses and the Bodiam International Arena. We have built one of the largest indoor arenas in the UK and are now underway with hosting all sorts of events in it, everything from breed shows to dog agility to dressage. We also host Driving for the Disabled and I am keen to get going with RDA and Para Dressage events as, after more than 20 years in the horse industry, I want to start giving back. It might sound cheesy, but it`s true. Horses have given me some of the best moments of my life, so it would be great if I can facilitate that for others.

On top of the horse business I have two fabulous children, Tabitha and George. They are my greatest supporters and my lucky mascots! Tabitha is a very keen rider and is now competing but George prefers riding the tractor, which is good as we need to keep our surface perfect! They come with me to The States in the winter to support Mummy at the big events, I couldn`t do it without them.

I also oversee our family farm in Kent, and so with all the travelling to the shows in Europe and the USA it is a busy life. I think that I must be the only one who was mentally doing the Tesco online shopping list whilst warming up in Italy in `08, and I am not sure what the sports psychologist would think about that for mental preparation!

Francesca Sternberg Horses

Francesca Sternberg Competition Results

Francesca Sternberg

Francesca Sternberg

Francesca Debolini

Francesca Debolini - Italy - Showjumping Rider Francesca Debolini

Francesca Savarola Avella

Francesca Savarola Avella - Italy - Showjumping Rider Francesca Savarola Avella

Francesca Garraffa

Francesca Garraffa - Italy - Showjumping Rider Francesca

Francesca Amoroso

Francesca Amoroso - ItalyFrancesca Amoroso

Francesca Bava

Francesca Bava - Italy

Francesca Bertino

Francesca Bertino - Italy

Francesca Bolfo

Francesca Bolfo - USAFrancesca Bolfo

Francesca Brough

Francesca Brough - UK

Francesca Cantagalli

Francesca Cantagalli - ItalyFrancesca Cantagalli

Francesca Ciriesi

Francesca Ciriesi - Italy

Francesca Crivellari

Francesca Crivellari - Italy

Francesca D`Ortenzio

Francesca D`Ortenzio - Italy

Francesca Simoncini

Francesca Simoncini - Italy - Eventing Francesca

Francesca Sparaci

Francesca Sparaci - Italy - Eventing Francesca

Francesca Denning

Francesca Denning - UK

Francesca Drudi

Francesca Drudi - ItalyFrancesca Drudi

Francesca Falvo

Francesca Falvo - ItalyFrancesca Falvo

Francesca Ferrari

Francesca Ferrari - Italy

Francesca Fidanzio

Francesca Fidanzio - Italy

Francesca Galli

Francesca Galli - Italy

Francesca Genova

Francesca Genova - Italy

Francesca Golfin

Francesca Golfin - Costa Rica

Francesca Grixoni

Francesca Grixoni - Italy

Francesca King

Francesca King - USA

Francesca Ling

Francesca Ling - USA

Francesca Ludlam

Francesca Ludlam - UK

Francesca Maccaferri

Francesca Maccaferri - ItalyFrancesca Maccaferri

Francesca Marroccu

Francesca Marroccu - Italy
Francesca Marroccu
Francesca Marroccu

Francesca Mezzetti

Francesca Mezzetti - Italy

Francesca Morelli

Francesca Morelli - Italy

Francesca Morigi

Francesca Morigi - Italy

Francesca Nieroz

Francesca Nieroz - Italy

Francesca Pastore

Francesca Pastore - Italy

Francesca Pellegrinelli

Francesca Pellegrinelli - Italy

Francesca Piro

Francesca Piro - Italy

Francesca Pulga

Francesca Pulga - ItalyFrancesca Pulga

Francesca Quadalti

Francesca Quadalti - Italy

Francesca Repetto

Francesca Repetto - Italy

Francesca Roma Calcagni

Francesca Roma Calcagni - ItalyFrancesca Roma Calcagni

Francesca Rovelli

Francesca Rovelli - Italy

Francesca Sadnick

Francesca Sadnick - AustraliaFrancesca Sadnick

Francesca Saffioti

Francesca Saffioti - ItalyFrancesca Saffioti

Francesca Salaverria

Francesca Salaverria - El Salvador

Francesca Savia

Francesca Savia - Italy

Francesca Serra

Francesca Serra - ItalyFrancesca Serra

Francesca Bettoni

Francesca Bettoni - Italy
Francesca Bettoni
Francesca Bettoni

Francesca Ody

Francesca Ody - UK

Francesca Pravato

Francesca Pravato - Italy

Francesca Stourton

Francesca Stourton - UK

Francesca Arioldi

Francesca Arioldi - Italy

Francesca Banchelli

Francesca Banchelli - Italy

Francesca Beretta

Francesca Beretta - Italy

Francesca Blasi

Francesca Blasi - Italy

Francesca Caccia

Francesca Caccia - Italy

Francesca Capponi

Francesca Capponi - Italy

Francesca Colombo

Francesca Colombo - Italy

Francesca Danzetta

Francesca Danzetta - Italy

Francesca Diazzi

Francesca Diazzi - Italy

Francesca Favalli

Francesca Favalli - ItalyFrancesca Favalli

Francesca Franchini

Francesca Franchini - Italy
Horse Themed Earings

Francesca Gandolfi

Francesca Gandolfi - ItalyFrancesca Gandolfi

Francesca Gentile

Francesca Gentile - ItalyFrancesca Gentile

Francesca Goria

Francesca Goria - Italy

Francesca Luccarini

Francesca Luccarini - Italy

Francesca Maddalena

Francesca Maddalena - South AfricaFrancesca Maddalena

Francesca Marcon

Francesca Marcon - Italy

Francesca Moller

Francesca Moller - UK

Francesca Moschettini

Francesca Moschettini - ItalyFrancesca Moschettini

Francesca Romana Nanni

Francesca Romana Nanni - ItalyFrancesca Romana Nanni

Francesca Schiboni

Francesca Schiboni - Italy

Francesca Silver

Francesca Silver - New Zealand
Francesca Silver
Francesca Silver

Francesca Vimercati

Francesca Vimercati - Italy

Francesca Urbini

Francesca Urbini - Italy

Francesca Sagramoso

Francesca Sagramoso - Italy - Showjumping Rider Francesca Sagramoso

Francesca Peters

Francesca Peters - UK - Eventing Francesca

Francesca Antonini

Francesca Antonini - Italy - Showjumping Rider Francesca

Francesca Gobessi

Francesca Gobessi - France - Showjumping Rider Francesca Gobessi

Francesca Romana Pacaccio

Francesca Romana Pacaccio - Italy - Eventing Francesca Romana Pacaccio

Francesca Malaspina

Francesca Malaspina - Italy - Eventing Francesca

Francesca Frigerio Bonvicino

Francesca Frigerio Bonvicino - France - Showjumping Rider Francesca

Francesca Avogaro

Francesca Avogaro - Italy - Showjumping Rider Francesca

Francesca Hazan

Francesca Hazan is a showjumping rider from Switzerland, horses competed by Francesca Hazan includes B Gentleman, Eule Hedwig and Calla. If you can help us expand our rider profile please email us at info@stableexpress.com

Francesca Seralvo

Francesca Seralvo is an eventer from Italy, born 1984. One of Francesca Seralvo horses competed internationally is Cool Dude (1989)

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Francesca Maddox

Francesca Maddox - UK - Eventing Francesca

Francesca Pigannelli

Francesca Pigannelli - Italy - Showjumping Rider Francesca

Francesca Bellini

Francesca Bellini - Italy - Eventing Francesca

Francesca Canu

Francesca Canu - Italy - Showjumping Rider Francesca

Francesca Baccarini

Francesca Baccarini - Italy - Shwojumping Rider Francesca

Paola Francesca Giacomini

Paola Francesca Giacomini - Italy - Showjumping Rider Paola Francesca Giacomini

Francesca Cesario

Francesca Cesario - Italy - Showjumping Rider Francesca Cesario

Francesca Natale

Francesca Natale - Italy - Showjumping Rider Francesca

Francesca Reid-Warrilow

Francesca Reid-Warrilow - UK - Eventing
Francesca Reid-Warrilow