Foal Being Born

The miracle of life, below we have created an archive of births showing how these lovely foals find themselves coming into the world. Foaling can be dangerous for both mother and baby and should be carried out under the supervision of experts, with vets on hand in-case the birth encounters problems.

Foal being born @ Genesis Arabians
Foal Being Born

Foaling A Mare - Below you can watch a very instructional video on foaling a mare, and the signs to look out for when the due date is nearing.
Moody Mare

  • Beautifully Synchronized Tempi Changes Dressage

    Beautifully Synchronized Tempi Changes Dressage

    This is a great illustration of the tempi change! It can be done every stride, every other stride, or every ten strides. It is synonymous to a little girl skipping along. However, it can be very tiring for the horse.️
  • Wild Horses Attempt to Cross Intersection

    Wild Horses Attempt to Cross Intersection

    A group of Wild horses were recorded bravely crossing an intersection in The USA today . Lucky for us a family enjoying a quick bite were able to get the whole thing on camera and indeed provide us with some commentary too!
  • Bjorsells Briar 899

    Bjorsells Briar 899

    Watch Bjorsells Briar & Jan Brink competing at the 2006 World Equestrian Games - National Swedish dressage champion nine times