Fergus The Horse Behaves Very Badly When He Gets Loose On The Farm

An Awarded Show Horse Breaking The Rules

We highly recommend you to have a closer look at the following video, because what youíre about to see will surprice you for sure! We all know how amazing and loving horses are, but when you meet Fergus, the horse from the video, you might change your perspective. So, itís same as with people; every horse has its own character and not everyone is easy-going and in the mood to cooperate with humans!

Horses are highly intelligent animals and their behaviour is a prove of that. While watching Fergus there is no doubt that heís doing everything on purpose! Fergus is a rule breaker, though he has won many awards as a show horse. Watch the video below and share it with other horse lovers.

Fergus The Horse Behaves Very Badly When He Gets Loose On The Farm

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