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Ferdi Tyteca

Ferdi Tyteca - Belgium / Ferdi Tyteca (born 27 December 1954) is a Belgian former equestrian. He competed in two events at the 1984 Summer Olympics Top International and Belgium Olympic rider Ferdi Tyteca. Ferdi Tyteca Ferdi was a top international rider from Belgium and I had the honor of introducing him a few times when he would visit Great Britain with the Belgium team. A charming man who always had a smile and great sense of love for the sport and his horses when he competed.

Olympia Horse Show, Napoleon Stakes 1983 - Ferdi Tyteca & Ransome

Ferdi was born on December 27th, 1954 and started to ride at the age of 7. Three years later at the age of 10 he started to show jump and entered his first competition at that young age. This was not unusual in Europe, there were many top level junior jumper competitions and still is today. His first international win was in the Hague when he was just fifteen years old. I remember those classes where you sped around and had to change horses in the middle of the course to great excitement from the crowd. From thereon, his international career took off and Ferdi was four time Belgian Champion, two as a junior and two as a senior rider. At the Cork European Young Riders Championship in 1971 he won the gold medal in the team event, having already won his first Grand Prix in Olsztyn, Poland the year before.

Ferdi won Grand Prix`s all over the world including Antwerp, Hertogenbosch, Dortmund, Rotterdam, Geneva, Rome, Vienna, Berlin, Wiesbaden, Olympia, New York, Washington, Toronto, Madrid, Barcelona and many more. I also remember the night he won the King George V Gold Cup at the Royal International Horse Show when it was held at Wembley. Ferdi also won a lot of puissance classes including a bareback puissance at Wembley jumping 2.05 meters. In the puissance of Rome, Ferdi was the only one who jumped the biggest fence ever built, a triple bar. In front it was 1.60m, at the back 2.00m with a width of 2.35m.

He competed in several European and World Championships and also the World Cup at Hickstead, Aachen, Goteborg, Vienna and represented Belgium at the Montreal and Los Angeles Olympic Games. He always refers to his great horse Ransom as the best he ever had. He was also a very strong opponent against doping and mistreatment of animals.

Ferdi retired from Show Jumping after competing in 1986 at the world famous Antwerp show. He then started a new water ski (classic) career of which he is still very active. If it was not for the corona pandemic, he would be competing this year in the European and World Championship slalom. I raise my hat to this amazing man still competing in a world class sport at 66 years young. Ferdi, you are most definitely one of my hero`s.

Ferdi Tyteca

Ferdi Tyteca Horses

          Servusx -(01/01/1973)

Ferdi Tyteca Competition Results

12 - Bruxelles, World Cup Qualifier - 23/06/1984 - T´Soulaiky
42 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1984 - T´Soulaiky

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Ferdi Tyteca