Fell Pony

Information on fell ponies, funny pics and videos, below you can watch the video of Power, Ability, Stamina and Beauty Llancloudy Fell Ponies.

Fell Pony

Lownthwaite Fell Ponies

Lowthwaite Fell Ponies are a traditional herd kept on the Northern Pennines by a 5th generation of Fell Pony addicts. mortongamblesby@farming.co.uk Lownthwaite Fell Ponies

Wish Upon A Star - Fell Ponies

After two years of research we have crossed the line and begun our journey into the wonderful world of the Fell Pony. This is yet another wonderful feathered breed, and we anticipate many years of enjoyment with riding, driving and breeding only the very best Fell`s.

While we are carefully selecting Fell`s for our farm, we are being introduced to some wonderful Fells, but who may not match what we are looking for in our program. If you are looking for a wonderful Fell Pony please let us know specifically what it is you are looking for in this tremendous and rare breed and we will do all that we can to help assist you with the process.

We have met some wonderful people in this process (dank je wel Sabine) and together we will work hard and do all that we can to improve the breed in North America. We will only breed what we consider to be the best Fell Pony in each and every case and from some of the most reputable and oldest lines in the U.K.

We are proud to announce our Fell Stallion "Hinter" has been newly approved by the FPS for breeding! Hinter`s breeding career will start in 2006! This fabulous stallion has a temperament to die for! Already starting his show career this pony will prove to be an excellent competitor and ambassador for the breed. Contact us for stud fee and availability (Also available for cross breeding).