Fastest Horse Breed

We have used the speed of horses for centuries, from the cavalry charges of ancient warfare to racing on the track fast horses have long been sought. Below we go through some of the fastest horse breeds from around the the world.

Akhal Teke Horses
The Akhal Teke horses have a distinguished look, but they are also a renowned horse for racing, known for their stamina, the Akhal Teke horses are a very popular choice for endurance racing, covering long distances quickly. Akhal-Teke horses are small in size around 15.2hh on average, with around 5,000 horses around the world the Akhal Teke horse is considered a rare breed. Akhal Teke Horses
Arabian Horses
Another horse breed that has both stamina and speed, arab horses are the preferred choice for endurance riding, they can run long distances without a break and coming from the arid distance they are able to adapt themselves to most enviroments. Arabian horses are one of the oldest horse breeds in the world, modern thoroughbred horses can trace their origins back to Arab stallions that were imported to the UK. Arabian Horses
Standardbred horses are very much like thoroughbred horses, Standardbred horses are used for harness racing with their strong shoulders and hindquarters. The Standardbred horse breed originated in New England, a mixture of trotting and pacing horses mixed with thoroughbred horses to create a breed of horse to compete in harness racing. Standardbred
American Quarter Horse Bred over a short distance, the American Quarter Horse is known for their versatility and speed over short distances, The American Quarter Horse is an extremely powerful horse and uses its power for very fast sprints over short distances. This said thoroughbred horses can maintain their speed over longer distances, but the Quarter horses are considered to be faster of the mark, with more acceleration and faster over shorter distances. It is from these short bursts of speed the Quarter horse get their name, with the speed of them over a quarter-mile distance. Quarter horses are a popular choice for barrel racing which needs both speed and maneuverability.
American Quarter Horse
Thoroughbred vs. Quarterhorse | Which Is Faster? - Below you can watch a race between two of the fastest horse breeds in the world.

Thoroughbred vs. Quarterhorse

Thoroughbred horses are the go to horse breed for horse racing, their slim and tall conformation make help them cover the ground at pace, the thoroughbred racing industry is worth billions of dollars each year with the fastest thoroughbred horses valued in the tens of millions. Thoroughbred horses originated in England when they imported three stallions from the middle east The Byerly Turk, the Darley Arabian, and the Godolphin Arabian. Which is faster Greyhound or Horse? - Below you can watch a thoroughbred race horse and a greyhound racing.

Which is faster Greyhound or Horse?

Fastest Horse Breed

  • David McPherson

    David McPherson

    International showjumping rider David McPherson, watch him in action riding Silver spring | | David McPherson has represented both South Africa & Team GB
  • Stefano Marchesi

    Stefano Marchesi

    Stefano Marchesi - Italy
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    No Scope, No Hope!

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