Eventing Riders

Eventing riders need to be skilled at three different equestrian disciples, able to perform a stylish dressage test brave enough to do the cross country section and accurate enough for the showjumping stage. Here at stableexpress we have information on the leading event riders from all over the world, competition results, pictures of the riders in competition and video`s of the riders in action.

Below is a video of leading British eventing rider Zara Phillips cross country phase at Burghley horse trials

Eventing Rider Zara Phillips

Dressage Shows



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  • Horse Line Dancing

    Horse Line Dancing

    Watch talented dancing horses who love country music, watch these horse line dancing from around the globe. Watch videos of Horse Line Dancing
  • Heber Rodriguez

    Heber Rodriguez

    Heber Rodriguez - Uruguay - Endurance Rider | Stableexpress.com, Endurance Riding latest news and results | Heber Rodriguez competition news.
  • Dana Carlin

    Dana Carlin

    Dana Carlin - Canada

Charlsey Hoehn

Charlsey Hoehn - USA

Maree Pearson

Maree Pearson - New Zealand

Nickie Marais

Nickie Marais - Namibia

Reinis Jurass

Reinis Jurass - Latvia

Roxanne Massaro

Roxanne Massaro - South Africa
Online Dressage

Olly Sorrell

Olly Sorrell - UK - Eventing
Olly Sorrell

Sinisa Padezanin

Sinisa Padezanin is an international endurance rider Serbia, horses comepted by Sinisa Padezanin includes Punisa (Lake Coniston x Princess Millennia, 2002).

Vasiliy Lopatin

Vasiliy Lopatin - Russia
Horse Videos

Vasiliy Lopatin

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Vasiliy Lopatin

Ivanna Karolyi

Ivanna Karolyi - Venezuela - Showjumping
Ivanna Karolyi

Udo Irmisch

Udo Irmisch - Germany - Showjumping

Udo Irmisch

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Udo Irmisch