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Find horse chiropractor`s local to you able to help keep your sport horse in prime condition to compete. If your horse is suffering from a bad back, find horse chiropractor`s local to you with stableexpress equestrian directory

Equine Chiropractor

Equine Chiropractor

Signs and Causes of Back Pain in Horses

Horse back pain can be caused by a number of different factors, these include strain from exercise or abrupt movement such as twisting and bucking in the field, skin irritation or sore`s, badly fitting saddle and tack, pain elsewhere resulting in change of your horses movement causing stress another cause of bad backs may be a result of disease and illness in your horse. Some back problems can be avoided or treated while other back problems may be more serious and untreatable.

The horses type, build and confirmation can indicate possible back problems your horse may be susceptible to, for example horses with a roached back often suffer with ligament problems and need more treatment from specialist horse chiropractor to keep them in top condition.
Back Pain

Skin Irritation or Sore - If your horse`s back has swelling, lumbs, chaffed skin, missing hair or sore`s, possible cause`s include ill fitting saddle or lack of padding this may result in chaffing or loss of hair, ensure the saddle sits comfortably and does not slip when riding. Washing your horse of properly when ridden can stop your horse developing a rash or sore on your horses back, not washing off the sweat after work can cause a sweat rash and result in a sore back.

Pulled Back, Ligament Damage - A fall, awkward jump, twist, tight turn or general wear and tear from competition may cause problems in your horses back, most sport horse have regular checks by a horse chiropractor, in the event of pulled ligament, treatment by a chiropractor may help, the other important treatment is rest and time.

Sport Horse Health
Many sport horses have regular checks by a chiropractor to make sure that they are in top condition for the show ring. Whatever the equestrian sport the athletic moves needed in dressage, cross country and showjumping can create problems in your horses back and joints and these regular checks and treatments could fix a problem before it arises. If your horse is in need of a visit from an equestrian chiropractor there are some things to look out for to alert you for the need for a check up.

There are a number of signs that could indicate your horse needs to be seen from a horse chiropractor, firstly if your horse is having behavioral problem or is acting out of character, especially when being ridden this may be the result of pain and your horse may benefit from a check up.

A visual check is also helpful to spot problems, view the back from different angles while your horse is standing square.

Another test that you are able to check is if you run your hand down the centre of your horses back from the withers down to the tale, pressing down with some pressure if your horse shows discomfort or twitches then this could also indicate a problem. Remembering that it is normal for a horse to dip its back when the loins are reached and to hump as you pass over the quarters
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