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Equestrian Property For Sale

Search for equestrian properties for sale including stables, paddocks and horse property for sale across the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and the rest of the world. If you are an estate agent wishing to list multiple equine properties, please email us at info@stableexpress.com ....
Haylo Real Estate, Land and Livestock Tricia Angell
   Haylo Real Estate, Land and Livestock Tricia Angell

Haylo Real Estate, Land and Livestock Tricia Angell
Equestrian Land For Sale
   Equestrian Land For Sale
Need to buy some land for you and your horses? Use our equine classifiedds portal for all horse properties for sale and to rent.
Equestrian Land For Sale
25 Acre Equine Property With Private Beach and River Frontage - Vermont, USA
   25 Acre Equine Property With Private Beach and River Frontage - Vermont, USA
25 acres equestrian property, with river frontage and private beach, great pasture grazing; Stockbridge, Vermont - North Eastern - United States. Call Telephone: 802-417-3605
25 Acre Equine Property With Private Beach and River Frontage - Vermont, USA
Buy A Luxury 52 Acre Equestrian Property - Ohio, USA
   Buy A Luxury 52 Acre Equestrian Property - Ohio, USA
52 Acre equine property, located in 6809 Beach Road, Sharon Township, Medina County, Ohio, USA. Indoor Arena & 19 good sized stalls for horses.
Buy A Luxury 52 Acre Equestrian Property - Ohio, USA
Stableexpress is an equestrian website dedicated in helping horse owners find, buy, rent and build their ideal equestrian property. Search for potential properties that are suitable for use for the hobby horse owner as well as professional riders, livery yards or other equestrian businesses

If you are an estate agent or equestrian company offering improvement for equestrian properties such as horse arena`s, stable construction or fencing you are able to add yourself to Stableexpress please use the link below or email us at info@stableexpress.com.

Barings Field Farm

34 acre equestrian property for sale Surrey, four bedroom house dates back to 1904 with outstanding views on your land, large kitchen, two bathrooms. Large parking area for both lorries and other vehicles, 10 indoor stables and6 stables with tack rooms. Watch the video below for full details. Call : 01737 246 777 to arrange a viewing.

1,750,000 - 2,000,000 guide price

Rose De Setif`s clear yesterday in the 1.55m GP of Zug

Mortgage For Buying An Equestrian Property

Looking to fund the purchase of your dream property, get a free quote from one of the UK`s leading mortgage brokers, offering mortgages to purchase commercial stable yards as well as residential properties with land. >>Get Free Quote

Equestrian Property

Julie Sandford

Julie Sandford Westen Horse Rider | Watch Reyzilyant Owned by Julie Sandford - Horse Reining - Western Horse Website | Stableexpress.com …
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    Franklin Rodriguez

    Franklin Rodriguez - Uruguay - Endurance Rider
  • Roly Luard

    Roly Luard

    Roly Luard - Dressage Horse Owner - Part owner of Olympic gold medallist Valegro / Watch video of Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro
  • Andalusian Stallions

    Andalusian Stallions

    DANCING WITH SPANISH STALLIONS; Brambilla Bachmann, liberty work / Andalusian Stallions at Stud / Browse through breeders of Andalusian horses.


Many of us dream of buying that special property where we are able to live along with our equine friends. Some of us may be able to afford to buy the property outright but in most cases you will need a mortgage to buy your property.

When looking for a mortgage there are a number of factors to consider, firstly what type of mortgage will you need for your perfect property, if you are buying a property with a small piece of land and few stables for you and your own horses then a traditional residential mortgage may be the type of mortgage you need. If alternatively you are buying a commercial stable yard such as a riding school or livery yard you may fall into needing a commercial mortgage, if this is the case you may require a mortgage plan from one of the specialist mortgage lenders.

To improve the chances of being approved for a mortgage there are a number of things you can do, firstly check your free credit profile, this is a good way to ensure that you don`t have any surprises. Another key factor is ensuring the mortgage is affordable look at what your outgoing are and consider carefully how the mortgage and running a larger equestrian property will impact on your monthly budget. It may also be worth considering using a mortgage broker who is able to offer advice and help you through the mortgage process, you will often be charged a fee by the broker for there services.

Ways To Add Value To Equestrian Property

If you own equestrian property, for example, a barn, you should always look for ways to add value to the property. Adding value does not only make it easier for you to use but it makes it easier to sell to the right buyer. There are five projects that you can complete that will enhance the value of your property and make the space more useable.

Safe Fencing
Horses commonly injure themselves on fence boards, posts, and wires. Some of these injuries can be minor to life threatening. Wood fencing does work but it is expensive and requires consistent maintenance from the weather, horses that chew on the wood, and horses that kick or run into the fence. You can use six string braided wire, five string poly tape, or electrified rail fencing to add value to your property.

Horse Fencing
Horse Fencing

Consistent Maintenance
If you are operating a stud farm, training facility, or rehabilitation center, it is crucial that the presentation of your property impresses clients as well as future clients. Trash and leaf litter should be picked up, all gates and fences should be kept in working condition, there should be plenty of storage space for hay, feed, and tack, and adequate space available for vehicles and horse trailers and horseboxes.

Useful Features
Hot walkers, wash bays, covered arenas, stalls, feed rooms, and tack rooms all increase the value of the equestrian property. The design of the property should take advantage of the space available and the terrain.

Horse Menage
Horse Walker

When you are building or adding onto your horse property, you should invest in materials that last. Short term savings do not translate into higher re-sale values. Fencing, barns, arenas, and other structures are investments. You should always budget for high quality materials that are easy to maintain, last for a long time, and are functional.

Equestrian Property
Pastures and Paddocks
Properties that have pastures and paddocks are at an advantage. Several well-kept pastures allow horses to be rotated on grass throughout the year. Year-round turnout improves horses` overall well-being. Access to three sided shelters and fresh water, well maintained fences, and manure removal are essential items to keeping your property in great shape.

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