Ellen Whitaker

Ellen Whitaker is a member of the famous Whitaker dynasty, as a leading showjumping rider Ellen Whitaker is the daughter of Stephen Whitaker, along with her 3 brothers Joe Whitaker, Donald Whitaker and Tom Whitaker, Ellen Whitaker is married to Spanish showjumper Antonio Marinas Soto who she has two children, Harry Marinas Whitaker and Frankie Thomas Marinas- Whitaker.

Ellen Whitaker began competing at the young age of 5 and first qualified for HOYS at just 8 years of age. She was to continue her success riding ponies and then later as a young rider on horses, she is best known for her partnership with the impressive jumping stallion Locarno 62 who she represented the UK at the European championship were she jumped 3 clear rounds.

Ellen Whitaker jumping the puissance with Ladina B

Ellen Whitaker


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Laurens was a successful showjumping horse that Ellen Whitaker competed in young rider competitions, when she first started jumping in senior horse jumping competitions.

Bullands Extrovert

International show jumper Bullands Extrovert competed by leading lady rider Ellen Whitaker. Bullands Extrovert results include placing at many international shows including Moorsele Belgium.


Lavinda is a competition horse competed originally by Sarah Lynch in young rider competitions before Ellen Whitaker took over the ride where she competed Lavinda on the international show jumping circuit.

Ellen Whitaker and Cortaflex Kanselier in winning form at Olympia

Ellen Whitaker and Cortaflex Kanselier win first class at Olympia (17/12/2009)
The launch of the Premier Show Jumping Club got off to a flying start at Olympia when Ellen Whitaker won the welcome stakes with Cortaflex Kanselier.

Ellen was drawn fourth of the 34 starters in the two-phase competition and, thanks to a tight turn back to the final oxer, set an unbeatable target. Most of her rivals toppled the fence trying to beat her.

`Kanselier just loves to win,` said Ellen. `He loves the atmosphere here and always goes wel internationally.` Ellen and co-PSJC riders Peter Charles and Guy Williams will be visiting the tradestand (L11) at Olympia throughout the week to say hello to new members.

Ellen Whitaker and Cortaflex Kanselier win second class at Olympia

After claiming victory in the welcome stakes during the afternoon performance, Premier Show Jumping Club rider Ellen Whitaker and Cortaflex Kanselier partnered Leonie Aitkenhead and Martlets Masters Madam to take the Pony Club mini-major relay.

`Leonie rode brilliantly and did a fantastic turn to the second last,` said Ellen. `I`d taught her in a masterclass this morning, so I knew we were in with a chance.`

This is the third time Ellen has won the class and confessed to getting really nervous beforehand as the Pony Club riders so desperately want to win.

Ellen Whitaker and Cortaflex Kanselier are unstoppable at Olympia

The Premier Show Jumping Club`s Ellen Whitaker and Cortaflex Kanselier won their third class at Olympia this evening, the Accenture stakes.

The pair jumped the third fence at an unbelievable angle to save precious seconds in the speed contest. Nearly all of the others who attempted to do the same had to stop before the big vertical, but Kanselier pinged over it easily. `There`s not much else I can really say that hasn`t already been said about Kanselier,` said Ellen. `He just loves winning at international shows, the atmosphere really lifts him.`

This win means that Ellen and Kanselier have won every class they have jumped in so far at the show.

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Ellen Whitaker and Cortaflex Kanselier in winning form at Olympia

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Ellen Whitaker and Cortaflex Kanselier in winning form at Olympia

Frankie Thomas Marinas-Whitaker

Born the 20th March 2016 Frankie Thomas Marinas-Whitaker is the second son on Ellen Whitaker and her husband Antonio Marias Soto.

Ellen Whitaker Horses

Canarias - Calido 7 x - (1997 )
Born 1997 Canarias is a show jumping stallion competed internationally by Ellen Whitaker, Canarias is is sired by the exception breeding stallion Calido out of a Landgraf I mare.

Caya Z - Chellano Z x - (2000 )
Year of birth: 2000, Breed:ZANG, Color:Grey, Owner:Pacheco Ecuestre GmbH & Co.KG, Passport number:GBR40278, Sex:Mare, Sire:Chellano Z, Sire Dam:Cevin. FEI ID GBR40278. Caya Z international show jumping horse.

Competed by leading british lady show jumper Ellen Whittaker, Charlett had lots of success in the show jumping ring.

Charriol - Carthago Z x Zuenftiger xx (1996 )
Born in 1996 Charriol is an exceptional performance horse who won international show jumping events with Ellen Whitaker. Charriol combine great European bloodlines sired by two time Olympic horse Carthago Z out of a Zuenftiger xx broodmare.

Jumped by british lady rider Ellen Whittaker, Collector had lots of success in the competition arena. Stable express has information on Collector including showjumping results, videos and images of thousands of show jumping horses from around the world

Colour Of Life (1992 )
Born 1992, Colour of Life had lots of success in the show jumping arena with leading uk showjumper Ellen Whitaker. Together Ellen Whitaker and Colour of Life competed at Hickstead, Spruce Meadows, British Open, Olympia to name but a few.

Corline Z - Carthago Z
Horse Profile Corline Z - International show jumping horse Corline Z is a Zangersheide bred sport horse, jumped succesfully by leading lady rider Ellen Whittaker with wins at many shows arround the world including good results on the Spanish sunshine

CS Online - Irac de l`lle x - (1997 ) Formerly known as Ideal du Pichoux, CS Online is a stunning horse with excellent, correct conformation and three very athletic paces. His exceptional temperament and sensible attitude make him a very easy horse to handle in every way.

Cindy Aellen

Cindy Aellen - SwitzerlandCindy Aellen

Anthony Wellens

Anthony Wellens - Belgium

Eliza Ellen Mason

Eliza Ellen Mason - UKEliza Ellen Mason

Ellen Bontje

Ellen Bontje - holland

Ellen Celis

Ellen Celis - Belgium

Ellen Hovsveen

Ellen Hovsveen - NorwayEllen Hovsveen

Ellen Jordanow

Ellen Jordanow - Germany
Ellen Jordanow
Ellen Jordanow

Ellen Suhr

Ellen Suhr - Norway
Ellen Suhr
Ellen Suhr

Ellen Talbert Holtgers

Ellen Talbert Holtgers - usaEllen Talbert Holtgers

Ellen Wall

Ellen Wall - USA

Ellen Endert

Ellen Endert - Germany

Ellen Holtgers

Ellen Holtgers - USAEllen Holtgers

Ellen Kloos

Ellen Kloos - Holland
Horse Themed Earings

Ellen Olsen

Ellen Olsen - Norway

Ellen Bollaerts

Ellen Bollaerts - Belgium

Ellen O`connor

Ellen O`connor - USA

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Ellen Poder - Estonia

Ellen Rydbeck

Ellen Rydbeck - FinlandEllen Rydbeck

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Ellen Norman

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Ellen Pieper

Ellen Pieper - Germany
Ellen Pieper
Ellen Pieper

Ellen Richter

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Ellen Schwander

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Ellen T Rasmussen

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Ellen van Bussel

Ellen van Bussel - Holland

Ellen Wilton

Ellen Wilton - UKEllen Wilton

Hellen Engbersen

Hellen Engbersen - Holland

Ellen Bussel Van

Ellen Bussel Van - Holland

Jan Verellen

Jan Verellen - Holland
Horse Videos

Jan Verellen

Posted by Stable Express

Jan Verellen

Horse Videos

Jan Verellen

Posted by Stable Express

Jan Verellen

Jef Wellens

Jef Wellens - Belgium

Jessica Aellen

Jessica Aellen - Switzerland

Jul Wellens

Jul Wellens - BelgiumJul Wellens

Luc Dellenbach

Luc Dellenbach - France

Mary Ellen Rice

Mary Ellen Rice - Ireland

Mary-Ellen Buttimer

Mary-Ellen Buttimer - Ireland

Richard Bellenger

Richard Bellenger - FranceRichard Bellenger

Sue-Ellen Mcguffie

Sue-Ellen Mcguffie - New ZealandSue-Ellen Mcguffie

Sue-Ellen Lovett

Sue-Ellen Lovett - Australia

Thomas Hellenbrand

Thomas Hellenbrand - France

Ellen Whitaker Videos

Ellen Whitaker Videos
Ellen Whitaker Videos

Ellen Whitaker Horse Abuse

Hooker de Chanteau

Hooker de Chanteau is an show jumping horse with wins all over Europe competed by both Ellen Whitaker and Joe Whitaker, find competition results on Hooker de Chanteau.


Monika Schwellenbach

Monika Schwellenbach is a horse rider from Germany, see information, news, results, images and video of Monika Schwellenbach and her horses. Email us at info@stableexpress.com to expand rider profile.

Ellen Epstein

Ellen Epstein is an equestrian who competes in the sport of driving for her nation of the USA, below you can watch Ellen Epstein in action. If you can help us expand our rider profile please email us at info@stableexpress.com

Ellen Epstein

Fly Repellent For Horses

Flies are incredible creatures that have survived in this earth for decades and still human beings are finding it really hard to get rid of them completely. Though you use a fly swatter these pests are difficult to be captured. If you are tired of these annoying flies buzzing in your backyard or in your dinner spaces. In this article let us discuss about the most effective Fly Repellent methods that are available for best results.

First step that you need to implement in your sweet residing place or restaurants or any living areas is keeping those spaces clean and hygiene. This is because of the fact that flies usually generate in unsanitary conditions only. Emptying the trashes at regular intervals help in disposing those left out food particles from being eaten by these pests. Once you have succeeded in keeping your residing area clean you can now decide an effective fly repellent method to permanently eradicate the pest problem.

Effective fly repellent methods and Tips to use

Following are few repellent products or methods that are commonly used by the people around the world for perfect results.

Fly bait
This is a traditional method of attracting and killing the pests. This kind of repellent is designed to hold poisoned bait, so that when the pests consume it they die. Beware to keep these products out of reach from your pets and precious children, because it might cause harmful and hazardous side effects to their health if ingested.

Fly trap
Fly trap is the most effective fly repellent that has been used for very long time. These traps are exclusively designed in a manner to attract flies to them and once they land on the inner surface areas of the trap it shuts down completely. A sticky sugary substance is sprinkled on a fly paper for attracting flies. The pests that lands on the paper get trapped forever and will not be able to escape. If you want to get rid of larger infestations then this would not be the perfect option.

Fly lights
Any insects like flies or mosquitoes are attracted to bright light sources. Fly lights are light box devices with a back portion spread with glue trap. When the flies that are drawn towards the light lands on the box they will be trapped on the glue. You can replace the fly lights traps easily. One perfect benefit of using these fly repellent is that they contain no unhealthy chemicals or any kind of poisons.

Basic Mechanism of a fly repellent
Basically there is no specific product or equipment available as a Fly Repellent. But one of the best methods implemented by most of the methods is designed to attract the flies and then trap them to kill.

Prevention of flies in your living areas
Before implementing any type of fly repellent it is essential that you start the procedure by following these steps-

1. Cleanliness is the enemy of flies and therefore it is very important to search for those dirty kitchens or dinner areas for the infestation source. Completely destroy their breeding spots of flies by removing the garbage regularly and eliminating the leftover food stuffs immediately.

2. Try to use a combo of all the above repellents such as fly traps, fly baits or fly lights at the same time. This is truly effective when used in flies flooding areas like restaurants or kitchen exclusively.

Different types of organic air repellent methods

There are wonderful organic methods available for effectively getting rid of the flies. Mint leaves rich repelling agent that keeps flies away. Just place crushed leaves of mint around the spaces that are highly infested. Flies disappear for the smell of those organic herbs such as cloves, eucalyptus leaves and bay leaves.

Flypaper soaked in maple syrup or corn syrup is a good fly repellent. Let the moisture dry and then poke a hole and hang the paper using a clip. The flies are easily attracted by the yummy smell and when they sit on the fly paper to lick the syrup but get struck and trapped until they die.

Another fly repellent method that has been used for decades even by our ancestors for driving away flies is the freezer bags filled with water. When these water bags are hanged on infested areas it reflects sunlight and causes eyes of the flies to repel because of the negative effect generated.

Ellen Birgitte Farbrot

A dressage rider from Norway, Ellen Birgitte Farbrot has competed at the highest levels of the sport representing her country at two world equestrian games, as well as a European Championships. Below you can watch Ellen Brigitte Farbot in action at Oslo international horse show

Oslo Horse Show 2009 Ellen Birgitte Farbrot

Ellen Birgitte Farbrot
Fly Repellent For Horses

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FEI World Cup Driving Round 4- Budapest - Excellent Exell To The Fore Again In Budapest


Lady Rider Ellen Whitaker


International show jumper Briten competed by leading lady rider Ellen Whitaker. Briten results include placing at many international shows including Hastings.


Desdamona jumped by both Ellen Whitaker and Joe Whitaker both of whom had lots of wins and places in the show jumping arena. Desdamon is by the selle francais stallion Alme, who is one of the leading breeding stallions of all time

Great Love II

An international show jumper Greak Love II was competed by Ellen Whitaker, one of Britain`s leading lady riders. Great love II has jumped around Europe with wins and placings at many top events.

Royal Rose

Royal Rose was bought as a 7 year old by Imperial Equines already having been placed at HOYS and produced to International Grand Prix level, before being sold to international show jumper Ellen Whitaker

Shearwater Upanda

Sadie is a 10 year old KWPN mare by No Limit. We bought Sadie in the January when she was 5yrs and for the first two and a half years she was produced locally by Neil Fiddes. She was a very consistent young horse and qualified for Newcomers

Koi d`Herchebourg

Showjumper Koi d`Herchebourg produced by Steven Whitaker and his daughter Ellen Whitaker, Koi d`Herchebourg competed on the Spanish sunshine tour with Steven Whitaker and Ellen Whitaker as a 5 year old and as a six year old.


Show Jumping Database - Rachmaninov show jumper produced from a youngster by Ellen Whitaker, Ellen competed Rachmaninov as a five year old on the Spanish sunshine tour at Vejer de la Frontera

Ellen Whitaker At Olympia

Ellen Whitaker At Olympia

Eduard Wellensiek

Eduard Wellensiek - Germany - Dressage Rider Eduard Wellensiek

Walter Schellenbauer

Walter Schellenbauer - Austria

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Walter Schellenbauer

Ellen Schulten-Baumer

Donatha S
GINA ROYAL OLD - Grosso Z, 1991
River Of Joy 3
Weltino 3
Ellen Schulten-Baumer

Ellen Rapp

Ellen Rapp - USA - Endurance Rider Ellen Rapp

Heinz Wellenzohn

Heinz Wellenzohn - Showjumping Rider Heinz Wellenzohn