Elizabeth Broome Edgar

Elizabeth Edgar is one of the UK`s most successful lady riders, Liz Edgar first competed at the Horse Of The Year Show at just 12 years of age, she would go on to win many international classes, these include being the first female rider to win the Aachen grand prix, winner of the Queens Cup a record 5 times and representing Great Britain at many nation cups.

During the 1980`s Liz Edgar was part of the Everest showjumping team, sponsored by the double glazing company who supported so many of the UK`s leading riders. Liz Edgar is part of the British show jumping royalty, she is the sister to the famous rider David Broome, and married to Ted Edgar who also was one of the leading riders in the UK. Together with Ted Edgar, Liz Edgar was a renowned trainer of young showjumping rider, successful riders who have trained with Liz Edgar includes Franke Sloothaak, Nick Skelton and Ben Maher as well as Ted and Liz`s daughter Marie Edgar.

Below you can watch Liz Edgar jumping at the 1981 Horse Of The Year Show with Everest Forever.

Liz Edgar passed away in 2020, 25th of April three day before her 77th birthday after a brief battle with cancer. Her passing was followed by a huge outpouring of love on facebook and other social media platforms from all around the showjumping community.

Liz Edgar - Showjumping

Elizabeth Broome Edgar

Liz Broome Edgar is one of the most successful lady showjumping riders of all time, who was born in 1943, quickly established herself as a talented rider making her first appearance at the Horse of the Year Show at the age of 12. Three years later she was sweeping the board at various County shows. In 1960 and 1961 Liz Broome Edgar won the Young Riders Championship. She has also won the Queen Elizabeth II Cup a record five times (1977, 1979, 1981, 1982 and 1986). In 1980 Liz Edgar broke another record by becoming the first woman to win the Aachen Grand Prix.
Riding Debutante II since 1988, Liz Broome Edgar has consistently achieved top places in various major competitions including first place positions at Merrist Wood, Wales and West, the Royal Lancashire and the Jersey Championship. She has also competed in the Nations Cup 16 times and has lifted the cup on three occasions in 1979, 1980 and 1985. Liz is married to Ted Edgar and, along with their daughter Marie Edgar, now runs a highly acclaimed training yard, Everest Stud, some of the leading showjumping riders in the world trained with Liz & Ted Edgar including Nick Skelton, Frank Sloothaak & Lesley Mcnaugh.

Liz Edgar is sister to the legendary showjumping rider David Broome, During the 1980`s Liz Edgar was sponsored by Everest Double Glazing Windows suppliers of conservatories, windows & double glazing. horses.
Liz Edgar - Queens Cup

Since her retirement from the showjumping ring Liz Edgar has remained heavily involved in showjumping including being on the Rules Committee in the British Show Jumping Association (BSJA),

Everest Asher
Everest Asher & Liz Edgar Broome

Elizabeth Broome Edgar Horses

Debutante , Dream On III, Everest Asher, Forever (sired by Futuro), Quiz, Radiant, Rapier (Rigoletto x Paradox I)

Elizabeth Broome Edgar Competition Results

09 - Scope, 1.40m Preliminary Round 2 - 29/08/2003 - Dream On III
06 - Scope, Senior Rider Preliminary Round 1 - 28/08/2003 - Dream On III
03 - Royal Cornwall Show, 1.35m Open - 06/06/2002 - Debutante
01 - Wales & West, 1.30m - 12/05/2001 - Debutante
03 - Londra - Wembley CSI-A, 1.45 Mixed comp. - 01/01/2001 - Debutante
02 - Braintree -, 1.40 Two phases - 01/01/2001 - Debutante
03 - Londra - Wembley CSI-A, 1.55 Mixed comp. - 01/01/2001 - Debutante
02 - Braintree -, 1.40 Mixed comp. - 01/01/2001 - Debutante
07 - Londra - Wembley CSI-A, 1.45 Against the clock - 01/01/2001 - Debutante
02 - Londra - Wembley CSI-A, 1.45 Two phases - 01/01/2001 - Debutante
01 - Olympia International Horse Show, Traxdata Knock-out - 27/12/2000 - Debutante
03 - Horse Of The Year Show, Martin Collins Venue of Legends - 08/10/2000 - Debutante
03 - Royal Lancashire Agricultural Show, Grand Prix - 24/07/2000 - Debutante
02 - Royal Welsh Show, AIT - 13/07/2000 - Debutante
02 - Royal Welsh Show, Daewoo Grand Prix - 13/07/2000 - Debutante
03 - Olympia International Horse Show, Against the clock - 01/01/2000 - Debutante
01 - Olympia International Horse Show, Knock-out - 01/01/2000 - Debutante
04 - ROYAL WINDSOR HORSE SHOW, Ladies - 01/01/1999 - Debutante
02 - Vichy, Against the clock - 01/01/1998 - Debutante
03 - Vichy, Two phases - 01/01/1998 - Quiz
Liz Edgar - Everest Showjumping Team Liz Edgar was a member of the famous Everest showjumping team sponsored by Everest Windows, member s of Team Everest also included Ted Edgar, Marie Edgar, John Whitaker, Michael Whitaker and Nick Skelton.

02 - Vichy, Two phases - 01/01/1998 - Quiz
01 - Horse Of The Year Show, Olympic Star Spotters - 07/10/1991 - Radiant
1 - Helsinki, World Cup Qualifier - 16/10/1987 - Rapier
3 - Donaueschingen, Nations Cup - 13/06/1986 - Forever
03 - Donaueschingen, Nations Cup - 01/01/1986 - Forever
03 - Olympia International Horse Show, Grand Prix Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1986 - Rapier
12 - Dortmund, G.P.W Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1986 - Forever
02 - Strasburg CSI, Grand Prix Mixed comp. - 01/01/1986 - Rapier
06 - Olympia International Horse Show, G.P.W Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1986 - Rapier
Liz Edgar and Forever†† 05 - Stockholm, Grand Prix Mixed comp. - 01/01/1986 - Forever
01 - Horse Of The Year Show, Foxhunter - 09/10/1985 - Everest Asher
01 - Horse Of The Year Show, Grade B Championship - 07/10/1985 - Everest Asher
1 - Dublin, Nations Cup - 07/08/1985 - Forever
02 - Aachen, Nations Cup - 23/07/1985 - Forever
02 - Aachen, Nations Cup - 01/01/1985 - Forever
01 - Dublin, Nations Cup - 01/01/1985 - Forever
01 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, Nations Cup - 01/01/1985 - Forever
01 - Hickstead - Derby Meeting, Grand Prix Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1985 - Forever
13 - Göteborg, G.P.W Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1985 - Forever
07 - Berlin, G.P.W Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1984 - Forever
09 - Olympia International Horse Show, G.P.W Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1984 - Forever
03 - Hannover, Grand Prix Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1984 - Forever
05 - Zuidlaren, Grand Prix Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1984 - Forever
01 - Aachen, Grand Prix - 01/01/1980 - Forever
Liz Edgar presented Paul Barker with BSJA showjumper of the Month
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Quiz is a horse who was competed internationally by Elizabeth Edgar


Edgar Henri Cuepper

Edgar Henri Cuepper - Belgium - Showjumping

Edgar Henri Cuepper

Born: May 16, 1949 in Eupen, Liège, Belgium

Edgar Henri Cuepper Horses

† Cyrano (Cantus x Ahorn Z, 1990)
†Dukatx, Le Champion sired by Lord)

Edgar Henri Cuepper Competition Results

09 - Paris, World Cup Qualifier - 21/04/1985 - Dino
14 - Dortmund, World Cup Qualifier - 06/04/1985 - Dino
1 - `S-Hertogenbosch, World Cup Qualifier - 18/03/1983 - Cyrano
1 - Amsterdam, World Cup Qualifier - 16/12/1981 - Cyrano
1 - Antwerp, World Cup Qualifier - 13/10/1978 - Le Champion

Edgar Ribeiro Magalhaes

Edgar Ribeiro Magalhaes - Brazil - Eventing


Born in 1987, Debutante is a highly successful show jumping horse who had a great results with veteran rider Liz Broome, upon Liz`s retirement Debutante was competed with Andrew Davies


Competed internationally with Elizabeth Edgar, including representing the UK in Nation Cup competitions at Donaueschingen

Edgar Maroto Cambronero

Edgar Maroto Cambronero - Costa Rica - Endurance RiderEdgar Maroto Cambronero

Everest Asher

Part of the famous Everest show jumping team Everest Asher won many classes with leading lady rider Liz Edgar, in 1985 Everest Asher and Liz Edgar won the Foxhunter final as well as the Grade B championships at the Horse Of The Year Show.

Everest Asher

Dream On III

Dream On III was jumped in 1.40m national competitions with veteran showjumping rider Liz Edgar,

Edgar Boggs

Edgar Boggs - Ireland - Eventing

Edgar Pagan

Edgar Pagan began his equestrian career in the 1970s in Maryland at Marshwood Farms. From there he travelled to Florida working with legendary professionals Anthony DíAmbrosio, Joe Fargis, Tom Hardy, Katie Monahan, and the late Tim Grubb. In 1995 he travelled west to California working at Sandstone farm where he trained the very talented Grand Prix winner, Gabby Salick.
Edgar Pagan
Throughout the years, Edgar has proved to have an excellent eye for finding quality horses. In the late 1980s, he spotted Manasis County who went on to become Rusty Holzerís partner at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. After a trip to Germany he imported Sapphire, who he sold to Mark Watring. The pair won the Pan Am Games, as well as two gold medals and a silver in the Central American games.

Successful hunters that Edgar has ridden and trained include Ashford Castle, Boss and Company, and El Centro. Edgar Pagan - Puerto Rico - Showjumping


An impressive showjumper competed by Liz Edgar, Radiant won a number of classes including the prestigious Olympic star spotters at the horse of the year show in 1991


Elton Edgar Soares Guedes

Elton Edgar Soares Guedes - Brazil - EventingElton Edgar Soares Guedes

Edgar Humberto Amarilla

Edgar Humberto Amarilla - Uruguay - Eventing Edgar

Edgar Pittamiglio

Edgar Pittamiglio - Uruguay - Endurance Rider
Edgar Pittamiglio

Edgar Friedrich

Edgar Friedrich - Germany - Showjumping Edgar

Edgar Gomez

Edgar Gomez - Uruguay - Endurance Rider Edgar Gomez