Dzungarian Horses

Dzungarian Horses is a rare breed wild horse that is native to the Mongolian steps, these hardy horses did very nearly become extinct but over the last 25 years Dzungarian Horses in captivity have been bred and then later released to there native home in Mongolia, below you can watch a video of the release

  • Free Range @That Dickhead Harley

    Free Range @That Dickhead Harley

    Today my owner tried a less restrictive muzzle on me. This video sums up how I feel about an enforced diet!! Put a muzzle on me, i`m off! Free Range @That Dickhead Harley. Good boy getting exercise AND dieting 😉. Little show jumper 😆
  • Horse Coat Colors and Patterns

    Horse Coat Colors and Patterns

    Horses come in all shapes, sizes and colors, look at the different colours, shades and patterns of horses from around the world.
  • Alan Birch

    Alan Birch

    Alan Birch - Showjumping Rider / Alan Birch competition news, information and results / British showjumper Alan Birch

Casper Van Heerden

Casper Van Heerden - South Africa

Sailub Lertratanachai

Sailub Lertratanachai - Thailand - Showjumping Rider / Sailub Lertratanachai & Cagena Z - De Kraal International Springen - CSI2 - 1m40 Table A Sailub Lertratanachai

Andres H. Bocanegra

Andres H. Bocanegra - mexico

Annabel Moroney

Annabel Moroney - Ireland

Anthony Chemin

Anthony Chemin - France

Melania Serioli

Melania Serioli - ItalyMelania Serioli

Pierre Mastain

Pierre Mastain - France
Warmblood Horses

Sara Alonso Rocha

Sara Alonso Rocha - Spain

Timothy Hendrix

Timothy Hendrix - Holland

Alessandro Bruscoli

Alessandro Bruscoli - Italy

Dr. Don Hglund, equine veterinarian and wild horse expert, was called in to organize the largest single wild-horse rescue of modern times. In NOBODYS HORSES: The Dramatic Rescue of the Wild Herd of White Sands, Hglund tells the true story of the heroism, compassion, bravery, and dedication involved in the historic round-up of these wild horses from one of the most dangerous, forbidding places on earth2 million acres of treacherous, desolate land best known for being a restricted missile range and site of the detonation of the worlds first atomic bomb.

Elle Kivlochan

Elle Kivlochan is a rider who has been successful in the show ring riding New Forest horses, mountain & moorland and Connemara horses qualifying for the horse of the year show.

Elle Kivlochan
Fly Repellent For Horses

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Betty Moncuit

Betty Moncuit - France - Showjumping Rider

Susanne Hohenberg

Susanne Hohenberg is a dressage rider from Austrian who trained her own horses up to class S or Grand Prix and presented her successfully at the any dressage competitions. She is extremely happy to make particularly difficult, reliable and satisfied horses and to train horses and riders up to the highest class.

Riding career:

Since 2005 member of the Moments in Black
2006 rider pass, rider needle, license R1
Dressage A + L, jumping A + L

2007 License R2
Dressage LM + LP, jumping LM

2009 License R3
Dressage up to S, jumping to S
Vice-Provincial league jumping lR

2010 R3D4
Susanne Hohenberg

Nathalie Overmann

Nathalie Overmann - Germany - Dressage Rider Nathalie Overmann

Megan Lanfri

Megan Lanfri - USA - Horse VaultingMegan Lanfri

Sophie Anne Pinon

Sophie Anne Pinon - France - Showjumping Rider Sophie

Tayron Devolder

Tayron Devolder - Horse Racing

Tayron Devolder Horses

Real Tempo (FR)
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Tayron Devolder Competition Results

19 - Aintree, John Smith`s Champion Standard Open NH Flat Race (Grade 2) - 09/04/2011 - Real Tempo (FR)

Andrew Inglis

Andrew Inglis - Australia - Showjumping Rider

Andrew Inglis Horses

Mr. Burns

Andrew Inglis Competition Results

40 - Ascona, Ascona Grand Prix - 01/08/2004 - Mr. Burns
Andrew Inglis

Constance Groeneveld-Roldaan

Constance Groeneveld-Roldaan - Holland - Horse DrivingConstance Groeneveld-Roldaan

Patricia Ferrando

Patricia Ferrando - Venezuela - Dressage RiderPatricia Ferrando

Aurelie Saint Gal

Aurelie Saint Gal - France - Showjumping Rider Aurelie

Natalie Fuchs

Natalie Fuchs - Austria - Horse Vaulting

Naser Alotaibi

Naser Alotaibi - Saudi Arabia - Endurance Rider

Marleen Schuette

Marleen Schuette - Holland - Showjumping Rider

Olivier Desgouilles

Olivier Desgouilles - France - Eventing