Dzungarian Horses

Dzungarian Horses is a rare breed wild horse that is native to the Mongolian steps, these hardy horses did very nearly become extinct but over the last 25 years Dzungarian Horses in captivity have been bred and then later released to there native home in Mongolia, below you can watch a video of the release

  • Yohan Guerbois

    Yohan Guerbois

    Yohan Guerbois - France - Showjumping Rider | Equestrian Classifieds - Showjumping horses for sale in France, | Yohan Guerbois horse rider
  • Katie Shaw

    Katie Shaw

    Katie Shaw British lady rider, watch Katie in action riding Fools Business
  • Rachele Reina

    Rachele Reina

    Rachele Reina - Italy - Showjumping