Dressage Riders

Dressage Riders

Anne - Marie Rawlins

Anne - Marie Rawlins - Ireland - Dressage Rider

Madeleine White

Madeleine White - Dressage RidersMadeleine White

Heta Leinonen

Heta Leinonen - Finland

Julie Hugo

Julie Hugo - UK - Dressage Riders

Angela Lyons

Angela Lyons - Ireland
Angela Lyons

Uwe Sauer

Uwe Sauer - Germany

Uwe Sauer

Uwe Sauer (born 30 August 1943) is a German equestrian and Olympic champion. He won a gold medal in team dressage at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles

Uwe Sauer Horses

Uwe Sauer Competition Results

Nã¡Ndor Kafka

NĂ£ÂˇNdor Kafka - Hungary
NăˇNdor Kafka

Famous Dressage Riders

German Dressage Rider - Anabel Balkenhol

Anabel Balkenhol Dressage RiderAnabel Balkenhol is a German dressage rider who was born 8th April 1972 . After leaving school Anabel started she began her career as a dressage rider, her sporting breakthrough came in the late 2000s. In July 2010 with her horse Dablino she had success in the tournaments in Lingen and Fritz and a leap from number 133 to number 16 in the world rankings for dressage riders. At the German Championships in Munster, she won with Dablino the Grand Prix de Dressage and was the Grand Prix Special German vice-champion .

Due to the success achieved in 2010 she was nominated for the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington. Here, at their first championship, they won in the team bronze medal with Isabell Werth , Matthias Alexander Rath and Christoph Koschel.

From 2008 Anabel Balkenhol was part of the German dressage B2 cadre. With the beginning of 2010 she was admitted to the German B-team dressage. Since 2011 she is part of the A-squad (championship squad) German dressage riders.

In its first participation in the German Dressage Derby was 2011 Second, Rubin Royal was the best horse of the exam with changing horses.

In the 2012 Olympics she was with Dablino for the first time part of the German Olympic team .


Horses Ridden by Anabel Balkenhol

Holstein - 2007, Black Brown Trakehner stallion, father: Imperio, mother father: Michelangelo; Owner: Webelsgrund

Rosalie B - 2006, Westphalian black-brown mare, father, Rubin Royal, mother father: Newcastle

Rubin Royal - 1997, brown Oldenburg gelding, Father: Rubinstein I, mother father : Vargas xx

Dablino - 2000, Hanoverian chestnut gelding, Father: De Niro, mother father: Wanderbursch II

Easy - 1995, brown Westphalian mare, father: Ehrentusch, mother father: Fruhlingsrausch, last used in international sport in 2009

Victoria Max-Theurer (Austrian Dressage Rider)

Victoria Max-Theurer is an Austrian dressage rider born in Linz on 24th October 1985. A daughter of Elisabeth Max-Theurer and Hans Max-Theurer, Victoria trained with her parents as well as Wolfram Wittig.

Victoria Max-Theurer started early with riding, she rode her first tournaments and achieved their first successes on ponies. Between 1999-2001 they won three individual and team bronze at the European Junior Championships.

In 2003 she won the austrian national championships riding Agrigento . At the European Championships in Hickstead she was the youngest participant.

2004 she was also the youngest participant in the dressage at the Olympic Games in Athens , riding Falcao she finished 20th overall. Falcao is a 1992 born brown Oldenburg gelding, Victoria Max-Theurer rode him for the first time, when she was eleven years old.

In addition to competing in these championships, she won several victories in international tournaments and top positions among European Champion- and World Championships. At the World Equestrian Games 2010 , they gave up a start because her horse Augustin suffered from severe colic .

Victoria Max-Theurer Horses

Augustin - 2000, brown Oldenburg stallion, father: August der Starke OLD, Mother Father : Diamond in the Rough, breeder: Elisabeth Max-Theurer

Eichendorff - 1998, brown Westphalia - stallion, Father: Ehrentusch, mother father: Ferragamo

Falcao OLD - 1992, brown Oldenburg gelding, Father: Feiner Stern, Mother Father: Figaro

Salieri OLD - 1998, dark brown Oldenburg gelding, Father: Sando hit, mother father: Dakota I

August der Starke OLD - 1995 brown Oldenburg stallion, father Argentinus, mother father : landed gentry, recently launched in 2007 in international sport

Richard Davison - British Olympic Dressage Rider

Richard Davison Dressage Rider Richard Davison born 20th September 1955 in Nottingham, a British dressage rider and Olympian who competed as an individual at the London 2012 Olympics.

At the age of nine years, Richard Davison got his first pony , after finishing school, he worked briefly in a public relations agency of his father before he opted for a profession as a horse rider. At that time the Hunting Riding interested who sent him eventer Sandra Pearson-Adams in a dressage course of Barbara Slane-Fleming, where his enthusiasm for the dressage was discovered. Lady Bamford bought him the horse master JCB , with whom he won, among others, team silver at the European Championships in 1993. A decade later, he won team bronze at the European Championships in Hickstead . Richard Davison rode previously in four Olympic Games, most recently at the 2012 Games in London.

Richard Davison is a partner of the British Horse Society , as well as a regular Horse & Hound columnist. He is also a member of the FEI Dressage committee , and Vice-President of the International Dressage Riders Club. He trained with Conrad Schumacher .

Richard Davison is married with the dressage rider Gillian. The couple has two sons: Thomas and Joseph , both of which are successful in show jumping.

Richard Davison Horses

Master JCB , Owner: Lady Bamford

Hiscox Karachi -1993, Hanover , father: Warkant, Owner: Gillian Davison

Ballaseyr Royale - 1990, Father: Picandt, Owner: G. Harris (Ballaseyr Stables)

Hiscox Rodolpho - 1993, Oldenburg , father, Ramiro, Owner: Gillian Davison

Hiscox Jyko - 1991, KWPN , Father: El Corrona, Owner: Gillian Davison

Hiscox Artemis - 1999 formerly: Photo Tyme , brown Westphalian gelding, Father: Florestan, mother father: Delphi, from 2013 ridden by Philine von Bremen

Hiscox Deveraux - 1985, KWPN , Father: Waganaar, Owner: Richard & Gillian Davison

Mohd Izry Razali

Mohd Izry Razali - Malaysia

Mohd Izry Razali - Dressage Rider

Vouletti Mitchell

Vouletti Mitchell - USA Vouletti Mitchell

Martha Love

Martha Love - USA

Cia Niukkanen

Cia Niukkanen - Finland

Emile Edmonds

Emile Edmonds is a dressage rider in the UK Emile Edmonds

Amy Desautels

Amy Desautels - USA

Rahmat Natsir

Rahmat Natsir - INA - Dressage Rider

Alfonso Parra Rubio

Alfonso Parra Rubio - Spain - Dressage Rider

Sylvia Denice Luna De Spillari

Sylvia Denice Luna De Spillari - Guam - Dressage RidersSylvia Denice Luna De Spillari

Martina Wikstrã–M

Martina WikstrĂ£â€“M - Finland

Natalia Borisova

Natalia Borisova - Russia - Dressage Rider

Rini Schaft Van Der

Rini Schaft Van Der - Holland - Dressage Riders

Barbara Marshall

Barbara Marshall - USA

Ali Al Mahshadi

Ali Al Mahshadi - Qatar - Dressage Rider

Sergey Dadonov

Sergey Dadonov is a showjumping rider from Russia, below you can watch Dadonov Sergey & Casino in action riding in CSYH1, 1.25m.

Sergey Dadonov

Alexandra Lewal

Alexandra Lewal - Belgium - Dressage Rider

Shannon Farrelly

Shannon Farrelly - Australia - Dressage Rider

Emily Logan

Emily Logan - USA - Dressage Riders

Bruno Moreira

Bruno Moreira - Portugal - Dressage Rider Bruno

Galina Zharkova

Galina Zharkova - Russia - Dressage Riders

Brittany Mc Carthy

Brittany Mc Carthy - USA - Dressage Rider

Kristin Galla

Kristin Galla - Germany - Dressage Rider