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Dressage Arena Letters and Layout

Understanding the layout of the dressage arena and remembering what letters are placed in and around the dressage arena is important, below you can see a dressage arena layout diagram to help you remember it while doing your dressage test. Dressage Arena Layout
If Dressage Letters Made Sense If Dressage Letters Made Sense
Edward Gal and Totilas Record Breaking 92.3% Grand Prix Dressage Freestyle
If you are a fan of dressage watch this epic test by the great Totilas ridden by Edward Gal, breaking the Freestyle record.

Life After Racing: Dubai Prince Racetrack to Dressage Arena

Dubai Prince is a famous ex race horse who ran for Goldolphin stables, upon his retirement from the track Dubai Prince would go on to compete in the dressage arena. Below you can watch the progress of Dubai Prince as he mature`s in his dressage training and becomes a dressage horse.


Life After Racing: Dubai Prince Racetrack to Dressage Arena

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Dressage Arena Letters and Layout


Dressage Arena Layout

Dressage Arena Layout

Dressage Arenas

Central Sales Office, R.R. # 3, Mount Albert, Ont, L0G 1M0 Tel: 1-888-473-RIDE(7433) | Email:

All of our arenas are made from high impact virgin PVC material. They meet FEI requirements, are 100% maintenance-free and come with a lifetime warranty. Designed with safety and functionality in mind, they will not blow over in anything except the strongest winds and are UV protected. We encourage you to check out our competitors, a useful "question & answer" page has been provided to act as a guide when comparison shopping for an arena or letters.

An important part of our design process is to exhaustively test our arenas in a competition environment before bringing them to market. This commitment to quality is what separates us in the market and gives our customers the piece of mind of knowing that the product they purchase will provide them with many years of trouble free service. Our extensive product range and affordable pricing fits any budget, from basic training at home to the highest international level of competition.

As the world`s leading manufacturer, many of our designs and features are copied by our competitors, do not be fooled, we are the original and the best! Your choice of arena is one you will have to live with for many years. We understand this and want nothing more than total customer satisfaction. Most of our arenas can be shipped worldwide within 48 hours of purchase or can be ordered through the leading equine product catalogues.

Thank you for considering Dressage Arenas for your dressage equipment requirements. We look forward to having you as a customer.

Dressage Letters
Classic triangular shape complete with centerline letters for maximum visibility. Manufactured using the highest quality UV protected impact resistant materials in a single piece construction for exceptional durability. Stackable for convenient storage and extra wide base assures excellent stability. The top contains a center hole to place flowers in. Used at the 2003 Pan Am Games.

Dressage LettersSingle piece triangular construction with large letter decals and a wide top for hold a flower pot. Stackable for easy storage and transport.

Purchasing a dressage arena is a large expense and can be a frustrating experience. Before making this commitment it is important to decide how you will be using the arena and what features are important to you, for example: if you want to move the arena to harrow the footing, a portable arena is recommended and you might not want the hassle of metal spike anchors or sand filled sections. If stability is important, pay special attention to the width of the base, the wider the better. If you store your arena in winter, it`s hard to beat an arena that stacks securely.

With so much choice available, there is an arena to suite everyone`s needs, the trick is to buy the one that is right for you. We have provided the following question sheet to help you make the right choice. Our answers are included, if you have any other questions we would be happy to answer them in person, we look forward to talking with you and to earning your custom.

Q1. How wide are your arena sections at the base?
Our Answer: All of our base widths are listed in the technical specifications section on each arena page. It is our experience that stability is severely compromised if the base of an arena is less than 10", our bases are from 12" to 18" wide. Some other arenas have bases as narrow as 3.5" or 5" and are obviously not very stable. These arenas must either be filled with footing material or use metal anchor spikes (often called candy canes) to give any stability at all. This is both inconvenient and makes them more of a permanent arena than a portable arena.

Q2. Does your arena require metal spikes for stability or do you recommend their use?
Our Answer: Absolutely not! We offer an anchor option on our Arena MasterTM arena, however it is an integral part of the bracket and made of the same material. We do not recommend this option except in the most persistently windy areas. Any metal spikes (candy canes) in an arena are not a good idea. A well-designed and stable portable arena should not require metal spikes.

Q3. How wide are the "planks" used in your arena sections?
Our Answer: Support is important when training, as riders we appreciate this. Even our most value priced arena has substantial rails. All the widths are listed in the arena section of this site for our various arenas.

Q4. Will your arenas stand up to Arizona or California sun?
Our Answer: Absolutely. All of our products use the best quality materials available on the market today. We have been manufacturing PVC and mixed composite products for over 15 years and have a wealth of experience with plastic injection and extrusion molding. Our UV protection package is the best on the market.

Q5. Do your arena sections join together, is there an advantage to this?
Our Answer: Only one of our arenas has sections that join together, the Blok Arena. Experience has taught us that the advantage of joining sections together depends very much on the design. Clearly, the Blok Arena is designed specifically to link section to section and because of this we do not use our Snap-LocTM system on its planks. This is a safety feature as if a horse spooks and runs into the arena the preference is that the plank drops to the floor not pull the rest to the arena along with the frightened horse. The Blok System does this well and is an extremely safe arena. All of our other arenas are made in individual sections and as they are designed to be stable do not need to be joined to each other. The same rule applies to arenas made in sections, if a horse accidentally moves into the arena, do you really want the whole arena dragging behind? There is also ease of setup to consider. Many arenas that have sections that are joined together take a very long time to set up, moving them to harrow the footing therefore becomes a major chore.

Q6. How high are your arenas, is higher better?
Our Answer: All of our heights are clearly listed in the technical specification of our product section. Our most value priced arena is 10" high and designed to provide your horse substantial support. All of our other arenas are between 12" and 15" high

Is higher better? We see some arenas on the market that are 18"+ in height but feel this is too high and in most cases the height is achieved by producing an airy design. In order to be stable in wind, these arenas should have a base width far greater than they have and therefore must fall back on the use of metal spikes.

Q7. Is a portable arena better than a fixed arena?
Our Answer: This depends on how you will use your arena and the environment you will be using it in, however, in most cases a portable arena will provide the best solution. An important consideration is how often you intend on harrowing your footing. Best results will be gained by moving your arena out of the way, harrowing the track then replacing the arena. Winter storage, although not required, will also help preserve your arena. A portable arena with stacking sections is the best choice if you plan on winter storage. Obviously if you plan on transporting your arena, lending it to pony club, moving it between show grounds, portability is a requirement. If you do not have a sand arena and plan to set up on grass a portable arena will allow easy movement to cut grass. Also, many facilities will want to move the arena and set up a jumping course from time to time.

Q8. Are your arenas used in major and international competitions?
Our Answer: Yes. Even the Olympics. Both the Blok ArenaTM and the Olympia ArenaTM were the only arenas used at the Atlanta Olympics. The Blok ArenaTM is also used at the prestigious Dressage at Devon Show in the US and at numerous major competitions all over Europe. The Arena MasterTM is used in World Cup competitions and the Kur ArenaTM is used at Dressage at the Club along with several other major competitions. All of our products are "best of breed", they have been tested in the most demanding environments and passed with honours. The Winter Equestrian Facility in Wellington, FL is an endorsement for many of our arenas as their main competitions are held in the BlokTM, Arena MasterTM and KurTM Arenas.

Q9. What`s so great about dressage letters that are "single piece construction"
Our Answer: This means no joins, no seams, no weak spots. They are molded from a single piece of UV protected composite material, you do not need to put them together.
B Q10: Are your dressage letters stackable?
Our Answer: Yes, all of our letters are stackable. Non-stackable letters can take up a huge amount of space when being stored.

Dressage Arena Letters and Layout