Dirk Schrade

Dirk Schrade is a German event rider, below you can see him in action riding Be My Guest

Be My Guest - Dirk Schrade

Dirk Schrade

Dirk Schrade (* June 29th 1978 in Münsingen ) is a German eventing rider . Dirk Schrade is a banker and Pferdewirtschaftsmeister . He starts for the rural breeding Riding and Driving Club Volmarstein and operates in Sprockhövel a training stable.

Dirk Schrade was born in and grew up in neighboring Münsingen Gomadingen on. He learned to ride by his father, who at the age of eight, was first riding lesson. After initially on a Haflinger riding, he got the pony Chirocco provided with the first tournament he scored successes and began eventing. With this he wanted to participate in the German Championships for pony eventers, however, was short Chirocco not be used in each of the championships. The start of the Pony Championships in 1992 after he won, with Oweron, he rode for the first time four days before the championship.

Due to the limited financial resources of the family Schrade was still dependent on foreign horses. His breakthrough came with sporty MacIntosh, with whom he participated in the German Junior Championships 1995 and 1996. In 1997 he took on the Germans and at the European Championships for Young Riders in part, Hereupon he got the chance, his military service in the Bundeswehr Sports School serve in Warendorf. After that year he first went back to Gomadingen, where he completed his training as a banker and graduated six months worked in this profession.

Even at the Bundeswehr Sports School in him the desire was awakened to make riding to his job. He continued this for now and started when DOKR -National Sports Centre in Warendorf an apprenticeship as a horse groom , which he based his good performances with the Plaque Stensbeck completed. In 2001 he went to Elmar Lesch , in whose house he was in Bavendorf worked for a year. In 2002 he was inducted into the group perspective for young eventers and moved back to Warendorf.

Here he remained until 2009. This year he set out in Sprockhöveler district Haßlinghausen independently. This operates Dirk Schrade, who is now Master of Horsemanship, a training stable. In addition to training horses, he also trains horses trained economists and other riders, such as the Japanese rider Yoishiaki Oiwa and Kenki Sato .

Participation in championships
At the German Championships Schrade has repeatedly missed a medal in short supply, he reached in the years 2006, 2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively in fourth place. At the 2003 European Championships and the 2006 World Championships Schrade substitute was the German team, he also ended 2003 in Punchestown, not his individual competition. Due to the injury of his horse as he could not hope to qualify for the Olympic Games in 2008 fighting. Thus, the World Equestrian Games 2010 in Kentucky , for the first major event outside of Europe, where he could with his horse Gadget de la Cere participate actively. With Michael Young , Ingrid Klimke and Andreas Dibowski he finished fifth in the team standings, with a better performance was prevented by a fall schrades. Better that ran in the European Championships Eventing 2011 in Luhmühlen . Behind Young, Sandra Auffarth and Frank Ostholt he finished in fourth place and thus missed just a first international medal.

During medal successes at international championships are still missing, could Schrade place at major equestrian events on several occasions well. In 2009, he in the overall standings of the HSBC FEI Classics behind Oliver Townend second and won the tournament Etoiles de Pau . At the CHIO in Aachen , he won Dibowski, Klimke and Bettina Hoy on King Arthur for the first time in 2009 the team competition, again in 2010 with Young, and Klimke Dibowski and 2012, with driveway, young and Klimke. In the individual competition he was behind 2010 Andrew Nicholson and Dibowski third parties.

At the 2012 Summer Olympics in London with King Arthur takes part Schrade.


World Equestrian Games
2006 Aachen: Sindy with no verification completed
2010, Leximngton KY: Gadget de la Cere fifth Place in the team standings, testing not completed

European Championships
1997 Pratoni del Vivaro (Young Riders) with MacIntosh 18th Place in the individual standings
2003 Punchestown: Ecrin Raiselle with no verification completed
2011, Luhmühlen 4 with King Arthur Place in the individual standings

German Championships
1996, Walldorf (Junior): 6 Place with MacIntosh
1997 (Young Riders): 13 Place
2006, Schenefeld: 4 Place with Sindy
2010, Schenefeld: 4 Place with Gadget de la Cere
2011, Luhmühlen: 4 King Arthur`s court with
2010, Luhmühlen: 4 King Arthur`s court with
more success (selection)
2002: 2nd Place CCIO 2 * Kreuth with Bellaire, also with the German team first Place in the team competition of the 2 * CCIO Kreuth
2003: 3 Place in CCIU25 3 * Bramham with Ecrin Raiselle
2004: 3 Place CIC 3 *-W Luhmühlen with Sindy, 3 Place CIC 3 * Pratoni del Vivaro Ecrin Raiselle
2005: 1 Place in the CIC 2 * Bielefeld Gadget de la Cere, 1 Place in the CCI 2 * Falkenberg with Gadget de la Cere, 3 Place in the CCI 3 * Kreuth with FRH Dusty Ches
2006: 1 Place in the CIC 2 * Sahrendorf with Be My Guest, 1st Place in the CIC 2 * Kreuth with Be My Guest, 2nd Place in the CCI 3 * Kreuth with Gadget de la Cere
2007: 2nd Place in the CCI 4 * Luhmühlen with Gadget de la Cere, 1 Place in the CIC 2 * Ede Huskey, 1 Place in the CIC 2 * Sahrendorf with Huskey, 2 Place in the CCI 2 *-test event for the Olympic Games / Hong Kong Grand Amour, 2nd Place in the CCI 3 * Kreuth with Huskey, also with the German team`s third Place in the team competition of the CCI 3 * Boekelo with Admiral von Schneider
2008: 2nd Place in the CIC 3 *-W Strzegom with Sindy
2009: 3 Place in the CCI 4 * Luhmühlen with Gadget de la Cere, 1 Place in the CIC 3 * Jardy with Sindy, 3 Place in Aachen CICO 3 * with King Artus, 1st Place in the CIC 3 * Bonn-Rodderberg with Gadget de la Cere, 1 Place CCI 4 * Pau with King Arthur, also with the German team`s first Place in the Nations Cup of Aachen CICO ***
2010: 1 Place in the CIC 3 * Barroca d`Alva with Gadget de la Cere, 3 Place in the CIC 3 *-W Strzegom with Gadget de la Cere
2011: 1 Place in the CIC 2 * Kreuth with King Arthur, 1 Place in the CIC 2 * King Arthur Radolfzell, 2nd Place in the CIC 3 * Houghton Hall with Hop and Skip, 1 Place in the CIC 2 * Under Strzegom with suspection
2012: 3rd Place in the CIC 3 * Wiesbaden with King Arthur, also with the German team`s first Place in the Nations Cup of Aachen CICO 3 * King Arthur with

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To vaccinate or not against Botulism thats the 10 million dollar question

Deciding upon vaccinating your horse is a decision that each horse owner has to make for him/herself.

The vaccination against botulism consists of 3 shots within 4 weeks of each other. To maintain the protection requires an annual booster. There are 8 types of Clostridium Botulinum. In Sweden type B, C and E exist but only type B has been found in horses. The vaccine that is used today has function against type B.

However just because one vaccinates ones horse against the disease does not mean that you can take bigger risks with the hygienic fodder quality this may still result in a sick horse.

The results from a master thesis by Jenny Bergold (2007) showed that the risk of Swedish horses being infected by botulism is rather small, only 0,3% of the Swedish horse population (in Sweden there are approximately 290 000 horses) was infected between the years of 1995-2005. Botulism is a disease that is compulsory to report to the Swedish Board of Agriculture. In all the reported cases to the animal hospitals, none could be proven to have been caused by produced toxins.

Exclusive Horse Feed forage is thoroughly analyzed for a good hygienic standard at each harvest, and the pallets are well marked for good traceability and record keeping.

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