Diego Martin Hernandez Guijarro

Diego Martin Hernandez Guijarro - Ecuador

Diego Martin Hernandez Guijarro

Diego Alejandro Potes

Diego Alejandro Potes - Mexico

Tresaison Hozana

Knabstrupper chestnut filly with frosting - born 1st May 2009

Main register KNN and superb sports prospect.

Sire: KNN graded stallion Nobody’s Harlequin KNN 166

Dam: Graded TB Mare Rozel Bay

This lovely well-grown foal oozes quality and presence. She is athletic and powerful. Stunning elevation and loose athletic paces. Uphill and straight movement. Excellent top line and very correct conformation combined with a sweet sensitive temperament. A great competition prospect. She is currently bright chestnut with frosting over her hips and full characteristics so will undoubtedly colour out more in the future.

Her sire, Nobody`s Harlequin, is a Life Graded with an overall 8 at his Knabstrupper grading in 2005 and 2006 receiving Premium Awards. He also had the highest scoring performance test that year out of ALL Knabstrupper stallions Worldwide, not just UK! He also passed his Show Jumping assessment with the BSJA and is proving to be extremely talented as well as having exceptional movement for dressage. His bloodlines include some of the most influential lines in Denmark and Harley himself is 7/8 purebred Knabstrupper.

His dam, Rozel Bay , is a beautiful TB mare who has been Graded into the Main Book of the British Warmblood. She has produced many stunning foals by different stallions including Tresaison Gracie, UK KNN 2007 mare Champion. Her offspring regularly win in the show ring. She has lovely paces and her temperament is second to none.
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Diego Alejandro Potes

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Diego Alejandro Potes

Diego Zamora

Diego Zamora - Costa Rica

Diego A. Segurola

Diego A. Segurola - Puerto Rico

Diego Arboleda

Diego Arboleda - Columbia

Diego Deriu

Diego Deriu - Italy

An unopened haylage bale can be stored outdoors. The storage area should be flat (preferably prepared with gravel or sand). The bales are to be covered with bird-nets and stored in a way such that mice, rats and cats cannot climb or chew on the bales which could cause holes in the plastic and compromise the haylage quality.

Diego Carrasco

Diego Carrasco - Uruguay

Diego De Torres

Diego De Torres - Uruguay

Diego Delgado

Diego Delgado - Uruguay

Diego Espinosa

Diego Espinosa - Panama

Diego Farje

Diego Farje - Peru

Diego Freydl

Diego Freydl - Austria

Diego Gonzalez

Diego Gonzalez - Uruguay

Diego Jorge Jesus Rondan

Diego Jorge Jesus Rondan - Argentina

Diego Marrara Ranciaro

Diego Marrara Ranciaro - Brazil

Diego Martinez

Diego Martinez - Uruguay

Diego Ott

Diego Ott - Uruguay

Diego Porres - Solis

Diego Porres - Solis - Spain

Diego Ramirez Torres

Diego Ramirez Torres - Spain

Diego Rolin

Diego Rolin - Uruguay

Diego Schulze

Diego Schulze - Brazil

Diego Velazquez

Diego Velazquez - Paraguay

Diego Alejandro Rosales Lopez

Diego Alejandro Rosales Lopez - Venezuela

Diego Bellã“N Santos

Diego Bellã“N Santos - Spain

Diego Chiatante

Diego Chiatante - Italy

Diego De Riu

Diego De Riu -

Diego De Villegas

Diego De Villegas - Belgium

Diego Dodero

Diego Dodero - Argentina

Diego Fontana

Diego Fontana - Italy

Diego Fumagalli

Diego Fumagalli - Italy

Diego Gomez

Diego Gomez - Argentina

Diego Javier Vivero Viteri

Diego Javier Vivero Viteri - Ecuador

Diego Leon

Diego Leon - Argentina

Diego Lorenzo

Diego Lorenzo - Philippines

Diego Martinez B.

Diego Martinez B. - Mexico

Diego Mino

Diego Mino - Costa Rica

Diego Motta

Diego Motta - Uruguay

Diego Pelliart

Diego Pelliart - Uruguay

Diego Perez - Bilbao

Diego Perez - Bilbao - Spain

Diego Prandina

Diego Prandina - Italy

Diego Prego Barreto

Diego Prego Barreto - Uruguay

Diego Rodriguez

Diego Rodriguez - Uruguay

Diego Sanchez Baeza

Diego Sanchez Baeza - Uruguay

Diego Umaã‘A

Diego Umaã‘A - Columbia

Diego Van Wassenhove

Diego Van Wassenhove - Uruguay

Diego Dalmacio Fernandez

Diego Dalmacio Fernandez - Argentina

For every home there is a buyer! It doesnt matter the location, condition, style, size or price, your home has a buyer. Of course that doesnt mean you can sell at whatever price you desire or not care about presentation; when it comes to selling real estate, there are a lot of factors that will lead to a sale. I like to think of myself as a matchmaker, marketing my sellers homes to find the perfect buyers. That never means listing a home and waiting, its all about the marketing. After all our goal is to sell your property, not list it. For your horse property we market to horse property buyers, its as simple as that.

Not all Barrington Illinois Realtors are Created Equal.

marketing horse propertiesIf you are looking for a normal person who is easy to chat with, is honest with the facts and numbers, and is a hard working full time Realtor, then we would like to hear from you.

We understand before you reach out you might like some information about how we market all our sellers homes. Our approach is a little different and we dont list homes, we sell them! Our goal as the Barrington home matchmaker is to understand the reasons why a buyer would want your home and then market to them. To do this requires us to listen to you and all you know about your property. Then we formulate a plan to make your home appeal to buyers that want what your home has to offer.

Marketing real estate isnt about adding it to our MLS and forgetting it, although thats what most of our competitors do. We use more tools for more exposure. We focus on where buyers are, the internet. We appeal to the emotions that will make buyers fall in love with your home, and find the perfect match.

Marketing Horse Properties Requires Focus.
In addition to the usual MLS listing with photos and the 420 character description (yes thats all we get!); we create a masterpiece online presence for your horse property. There may be other features we need to zoom in on as well. With the use of wide angled photos, elevated exterior photography, extensive descriptions of all the parts of your home, we give special focus on the property features that will allow that buyer-seller match to happen. We understand how the internet works and use this knowledge and skill to drive buyers to that comprehensive information and photography location. As needed we add video too.

All this takes considerable time and effort but for us it makes our job enjoyable.

Understanding Barrington Real Estate Data.
Numbers make us tick but not in the sense of Look how many homes we sell, so you wont find us marketing 100 homes every year. Its more important we know our market and do the best job for our Barrington horse selling clients, rather than treating properties as accolades.

We analyse sales and market times to help us advise you on pricing and marketing expectations. All the marketing in the world will never sell an over-priced house. Its important you understand that any property priced above the suggested range will, in the long run, guarantee you lose some of your investment because over-priced homes eventually sell for less.

If you are ready to start, give us as call at 847-363-3686 or fill in our sellers request form.

Diego Omar Sanchez

Diego Omar Sanchez - Argentina

Lancefield Ag Show
We took Crestwood Royalty to Lancefield Show whilst she is on her well earned saddle break, and she was awarded 1st in the Welsh B Mare class and won her Open Coloured class and went on to be awarded Champion Open Coloured Mare. Kaylene from Tallara Park also took her filly Tallara Park Treasure, who is also by Spy and won her Welsh B Filly class and was sashed Res Champion Welsh B. Huge congratulations to Kaylene.

Juan Diego GarcãA Trevijano

Juan Diego GarcãA Trevijano - Spain

Juan Diego Garcia Trevijano

Juan Diego Garcia Trevijano - Spain

Juan Diego Saenz Morel

Juan Diego Saenz Morel - Guam

Lucia De Diego Juliana

Lucia De Diego Juliana - Spain

Olga Diego Navarro

Olga Diego Navarro - Spain
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Olga Diego Navarro

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Olga Diego Navarro

Diego RãOs

Diego RãOs - Argentina

Haddon Park Hylite

Sire: Bamborough Academy (Eyarth Tigra x Imperial Picture Me)

Dam: Haddon Park Jitterbug (Congarinni King Cyrus x Penleigh Piaffe)

Welsh Section B

Hylite is our beautiful homebred stallion who is a grandson of our foundation stallion Congarinni King Cyrus and carries impressive bloodlines on both sides of his pedigree.

Hylites first foals were born in the 2008 season and couldn`t have thrilled us more with their type and quality.

Hylite stands at public stud please contact us for any enquiries

Diego Corvalan

Diego Corvalan - Argentina

San Lorenzo Ranch is a full service facility with riding and training arenas and trails for both English and Western riders . There are a variety of boarding options including stalls, paddocks, and pastures. Spacious tack rooms contain saddle and bridle racks with enough space for individual tack boxes. Trailer parking/storage is ample with easy turn around. The picnic area and lunch room provide eating facilities accommodating different seasons.

Juan Diego Trevijano

Juan Diego Trevijano - Spain

Diego De La Vega Fernandez

Born in 2004 Diego De La Vega Fernandez is a Rheinlander gelding sired by Don Bedo out of the mare Ruby who is a daughter of Rosenkavalier. Diego De La Vega Fernandez is successfully competed by Rainer Zger is the equestrian sport of showjumping.

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Diego De La Vega Fernandez

Placing an advert with Stableexpress only takes a few minutes and at present you can place your ad for only 5.

Diego Bevilaqua

Diego Bevilaqua - Argentina

oklahoma horse property By all means, go to the barn and watch while your leasee rides. Tell them all the little quirks your horse has, and how he should be ridden. Make sure the leasee knows all his medical history, so if he has a problem, they know what to do about it. Good luck!

Diego Haces Noriega

Diego Haces Noriega - Venezuela

Privacy~ Trail Riding Galore~Rustic
All so affordable for the horse lover!
housefront.jpg - 11007 Bytes This cozy two story home on Kalispell Creek Road is situated just one mile from Hwy 57. The convenience of location, with the serenity of seclusion found in this homestead is hard to beat. This 2 bedroom, one bath home borders USFS (US forest service) property for miles and miles of trail riding your horse. The house is serviced by well and septic.

The house also has a garage/shop for your automobiles, or can be converted for barn and tack areas.

Kalispell Rd, Priest Lake, Idaho Oregon, 1 mile from HWY57 on Kalispell Rd Small farm, bordering USFS land. Great for trail or endurance rider shop/garage/barn Yes- 2 br/1 bath $149,000 Ad placed July 28,2002

Diego SãNchez

Diego SãNchez - Argentina

Diego Armando Garcia Salas

Diego Armando Garcia Salas - Mexico

Good feed hygiene is essential when feeding forage (ie: grass in different conservation forms, eg: hay, haylage or silage) and concentrate feed (eg. oats or pelleted feeds) to horses