Desiree Pierce

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Desiree Pierce

Desiree Boman

Desiree Boman - Sweden

Desiree Fã–Rster

Desiree F£–Rster - Germany

Desiree Hammer

Desiree Hammer - Austria

Desiree Liemke

Desiree Liemke - Germany

Desiree Senden

Desiree Senden - Holland

Desiree Dombrowski

Desiree Dombrowski - France

Desiree Hanen

Desiree Hanen - Holland

Desiree Medeot

Desiree Medeot - Italy

What is dry matter?

Answer: Dry matter can be explained by what is not water in the crop. For example hay is dried to a dry matter of 84 %. This means that in hay there is only 16 % water and the rest is dry matter. Haylage is usually around 45-70 % dry matter.

Gloria-Desiree Waizenegger

Gloria-Desiree Waizenegger is an event rider from Germany born 25th August 1982. With her horse Auburn Silver Dollar (1991, Gelding) Gloria-Desiree Waizenegger competed internationally. Extend Gloria-Desiree Waizenegger Rider Profile, please email us at info@stableexpress.com

Desiree Wasem

Desiree Wasem is an event rider from Germany, horses competed by Desiree Wasem include II Faut and Marco 522. If you have any additional information on Desiree Wasem and the horses that she competes please email us at info@stableexpress.com