Dave Molin

Dave Molin - Holland - Showjumping Rider / Dave Molin - Quinielo Bois Margot - Leonberg

Dave Molin
  • Horse Feed

    Horse Feed

    Equestrian feed for your family horse or your competition horse, find info on horse feed manufacturers and types of horse feed available
  • Sastre Lawrence

    Sastre Lawrence

    Rider Profile | Sastre Lawrence | British eventing horse riders, information news, results and information | Stableexpress.com | Sastre Lawrence - UK - Eventing
  • Slaveika Aladjova

    Slaveika Aladjova

    Slaveika Aladjova is a Bulgarian artist creating modern original water color painting of all types of animals, including horses. As well as original artwork Slaveika Aladjova also offers fine art prints of her work.

Christy Kemp

Christy Kemp - UK - Showjumping Rider Christy Kemp

Mary Mc Kenzie

Mary Mc Kenzie - USA - Showjumping Rider Mary Mc Kenzie

Dave Thorpe

Dave Thorpe - Israil Dave Thorpe

Megan Davies

Megan Davies - Canada - Showjumping Rider Megan

Dave Young

Dave Young - Canada

Franny - N.American Oldenburg

Franny is showing spectacular scope and talent. Her pedigree includes Furioso II, Pik Konig, Zeus, Phantast as well as some arab that lightens the stride. This mare has a terrific trot and canter, could show in the hunters or medals and shows the scope for the open jumpers..very brave.

Charles Levy

Charles Levy - France - Eventing Charles

Mohammed Alshammary

Mohammed Alshammary - Saudi Arabia Mohammed

Ulla Berndes

Ulla Berndes - Sweden - Endurance Rider Ulla Berndes

Ursula Brush

Ursula Brush - USA - Eventing Ursula Brush

Arthur Desprez

Arthur Desprez - France - Endurance Rider
Arthur Desprez
This is so we can travel your horse for hire and reward, any transporter not holding one of these is breaking the law and means they are uninsured aswel. We use an Mercedes Olympic built 9 horsebox with forward facing stalls along with two side ramps. We also have a 2 horse rearward facing box with a very low loading ramp.

All our vehicles are LEZ exempt and have the relevant WATO Certificates

We Transport to the below countries by Road and Sea:

France - Spain - Germany - Holland - Belgium - Scandinavia - Eastern Europe - Ireland - Luxemburg

We also arrange all customs clearance at airports and sea ports