Corinne Ferrary

Corinne Ferrary is a showjumping rider from France, horses competed by Corinne Ferrary includes QUASIMODO LANDAI, TILL D`ALLOU and STYLE PLATIERE.Corinne Ferrary

Corinne Ferrary

Maurice Ruisbroeck

Maurice Ruisbroeck - Holland - Show Jumping Rider | Watch videos of Dutch showjumping riders including Maurice Ruisbroeck | Stableexpress.com…
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  • Horse Colic

    Horse Colic

    Horse lameness is one of the most common health problems seen in horses. Two of the most common causes of horse lameness are called laminitis and navicular disease. By learning about these conditions you can catch them earlier and therefore prevent further damage.
  • Jan Tops

    Jan Tops

    Jan Tops Dutch rider, Trainer and horse dealer, Watch Jan Tops Riding Top Gun At Barcelona Olympics | Showjumping videos | horses competed by Jan Tops.
  • Joelle Baskerville

    Joelle Baskerville

    Joelle Baskerville & Malibu NAJYRC 2011 BRONZE MEDAL TEAM | Joelle Baskerville - Canada - Eventing | Stableexpress.com | Watch Joelle Baskerville in action in the cross country section.

Alex Granato

Alex Granato -

Alheit Albertus Augustyn

Alheit Albertus Augustyn - South Africa

Reining Show Clothes

Colours with Horse Coat Colours

Sorrels & Chestnuts - rich blues, greens, purple, tan, rust, black - no reds

Blacks & Bays - deep red, orange, gold, blue green, purple, tan, black - no rust

Palomino & Buckskin - all colors especially natural - no gray

Paints & Appaloosa & Roans & Grays - Solid plain colors

Reining Wardrobes

The first thing to consider when planning your show wardrobe is color. You must feel good with the color that you are wearing ... you first and then find a shade that complements your horse`s color. I`ve been known to go the the local hardware store and borrow paint chips for this project. It`s very handy to have a chip color of your horse and the shade that you want to wear in your purse incase you find that `perfect` something. Just be sure to return all the paint chips that you don`t intend to use. A photograph of your horse, in the proper light, will also be useful. Scan magazines and show arena`s for ideas and striking combinations that you would like to create for yourself.

The off season is a great time to get your show outfits together. I do mean outfits .. casual, a little upscale and totally rock`n for different levels of competition. It`s much easier if all the outfits coordinate, so you can mix and match, depending on your mood or show situation. I always seem to have great plans in the spring to get outfits together, but never seem to find the time. I end up spending the whole show season wearing the same thing. So this year, like I did in 1999, I`m going to create my wardrobe now for the coming season. I purchased a bunch of `suit bags` at the dollar store, to protect all of my new treasures. I`m going to ruffle through the fabric store remnants too, looking for sparkles and sequins to dress up vests and jackets.

Your hat, chaps and saddle pads are the most important investments. The colors that you chose will probably have to last beyond one show season and maybe even beyond one horse. I suggest that you pick quality and colors that are neutral enough to coordinate with several other colors and styles.

For your hat, get professional advice when it comes to picking the crown height, brim width and sport style. Hat height and width will either complement or detract from the rider`s face shape and size. Felt hats come in a huge variety of styles and quality. Be sure to purchase a hard case hat box to protect your hats. Black felt, light colored felt or straw hats are acceptable in Reining competition, regardless of time of year. ie... not just dark in fall and winter and straw in spring summer. Hats with strings are practical, but not the show `look` that we are seeing in the arena. Use bobby pins and hair spray to secure your hat or make sure that it fits perfectly in the first place.

Custom-made chaps are a big lay out of money, $300- $500, but are well worth the investment . Custom made chaps will fit way better than any that you can find off the rack or used. Chaps must fit well or else they will detract and take away from the over all look of the horse & rider. Lately, smooth leather on the outside of Reiner chaps has been more popular and most buckle at the back rather than the front. Chaps with scalloped edges are not in style nor are the `colors` of blue, turquoise, red or green`. Most Reiner chaps ar black, rust, brown , tan or Ultras suede chaps can be easily made by copying a pattern from regular chaps. From a distance, you really can`t tell that they are fake and they can give you added wardrobe color combinations with out having to spend another $400 on real chaps.

Next you need to purchase, wool saddle pads in neutral and bright colors that go well with your horse and your color preferences. The neutrals are easier to coordinate many other colors. For example, a tan pad will work with black, blue, green or red shirt colors. If you are going to spend a fair chunk of money on a saddle pad make sure that it is a color that you can use for a few seasons ... not just a fad color.

Improperly fitting chaps that are faded, tarnished

and dirty compared to proper fitting black chaps.

The first pair of chaps could be cleaned and adjusted

to fit the rider better.

Make sure to purchase your show pads before your clothes as finding a pad in the exact color you want can be difficult. Wool saddle pads that are plain, can be purchased for about $40. These are much easier on the pocket book that the $200 real thing. I`ve had the local leather guy make personalized saddle pad corners, complete with my initials and silver conches to add an expensive look to a cheap pad. I have collected wool pads in black, cream, red, blue and brown. These pads can easily coordinate with every color of horse that I have to ride. I prefer that the leather on the saddle pad matches color of my saddle to keep the continuity. I use these pads over a felt pad to add some cushion to the horse`s back.

Chaps and your hat should be the same color if you are ranch brand, logo, initials or silver conchos for your own personal touch going to wear a similar shade of shirt. For example black chaps, dark shirt and black hat will, produce a uniform picture ...however black chaps, white shirt and a black hat will produce and chopped look. If you want to wear a light shirt with your black chaps then wear a light colored hat. Black is much easier to keep clean especially if you opt of the smooth side out on your chaps rather than suede. Women should always wear the same color jeans or pants under their chaps, men can just wear blue jeans.

Women, have a variety of style options for their show tops. Plain, casual, western, long sleeved, cotton shirts, (no fringe, or cut outs), solid or plaid colored that coordinate with your pad and horse, are a staple. Have at least two in your wardrobe. Secondary, is the mock turtle neck or slinky, long sleeves. This top can be worn alone or with a vest. Coordinating the vest with your chaps, really helps to create a tall looking rider. Thirdly, use the same slinky shirt plus a jacket to add a formal, elegant look to the whole outfit. Home made vests and jackets with added sequins and jewels can look just as good as the $400 leather ones.

Men have less variety, they wear cotton shirts in plain colors or plaid. The shirts must be crisply ironed and starched to hold their shape. Men`s shirts should always coordinating with the saddle pad, men wear either black or tan chaps. Men`s chaps typically buckle in the back and sometimes have a different color, tooled leather at the waist.

Keep your saddle and bridles really clean for showing. Silver is not necessary but if you have it, then keep it clean and polished. If you plan on purchasing some silver tack to add to the wardrobe, I highly recommend that you buy the `real thing` rather than the cheap fake silver. This tack is usually really low quality leather as well as less than good `silver`. Save your money and purchase quality leather and silver when you can afford it. You can always keep your eyes open for used quality leather and silver products that can be purchase for far less than their original price.

Roper type boots with proper square heels that keep your spurs on are needed. Pointed toe, wedged heel `cowboy boots` are very hard to keep the spurs on, and are out of style. Some accessories can be .... silver ear rings, (nothing too dangly), thick, silver neck lace on the turtle neck, and a tennis bracelet for added sparkle to your reining hand.

Over all, clean, neat. well fitting, co-ordinated and tidy is what we are trying to accomplish for our Reining Wardrobe.

Anne Dieckmann

Anne Dieckmann - Germany
Anne Dieckmann
Anne Dieckmann

Courtney Macgillivray

Courtney Macgillivray - Canada


Coeur de Chasse is schooled for a career start in the Hunter ring, with the jumping talent to go later to the Grand Prix level in the jumper ring. He will begin his showing in 2006. At home he has jumped the 8` water, banks, devil`s dyke, double liverpools and more. He is very careful, keen and willing. He has three good paces and an exceptional work ethic.

Charlie is from the outstanding German bloodlines of Cor de la Bryere, Farnese, Pik Konig and Gotthard with a thoroughbred base in the Grandam`s mare line. His dam is a multiple breed Champion and has produced Championship winners year after year.

Charlie is exceptionally easygoing, good to groom, shoe and ride. He is stabled in the Indoor arena across from the mares and next to 6 other stallions all with dutch doors. He is social and loves to have you pull on his tongue, even offering it to his stallion neighbour as a pull toy.

Coeur de Chasse has shown and won at the Breed Shows for three years. Champion and Grand Champion Sport Horse at the Breeder`s Classic (the Devon of the West Coast), has been to jumper schooling days off the property and to breed shows. Easy to handle. His only offspring showing has been multiple winner at the "Breeders Classic and multiple Year End Champion of his age group.

Khasen Kufanov

Khasen Kufanov - Russia

Matthias Baer

Matthias Baer - Germany

Michel Deprez

Michel Deprez - Belgium

Roland Harting

Roland Harting - Germany

Sara Thompson

Sara Thompson - Australia

Yahya Mandil

Yahya Mandil - Saudi Arabia
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Yahya Mandil

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Yahya Mandil

Arjenne Van De Berg

Arjenne Van De Berg - Holland

Bobby Klootwijk

Bobby Klootwijk - Holland

Were can I get an AraboFriesian?
One option would be to breed your Friesian mare (or one of your friends) with one of the approved AraboFriesian stallions( look at the page "Breeding Stallion" Although you are breeding a well reasoned breed, which is build of studies of Friesian and Arabian blood lines. Basic is a almost 30 years preparatory work wich was tested in praxis.

All AraboFriesian horses you can breed, even with pure Friesian stallions. These foals will also receive full AraboFriesian papers.

Sales Agency
The easiest way to purchase a wonderful AraboFriesian is very simple. You will be added to a purchaser list and we will help you to find your dream horse. Get in contact with your country representative: Günter Erny phone 01149-7131-6499884 cell phone 0172-7482035 fax 01149-7131-179426

Olivier Perraudin

Olivier Perraudin - France - Show Jumping Rider

Niels Brink

Niels Brink - Denmark - Eventing | Stableexpress Eventing Website | Equestrian Classifieds Event Horses For Sale

Raphael Guimarãƒes De Almeida

Raphael Guimarãƒes De Almeida - Brazil - Eventing

Vincenzo Gioia

Vincenzo Gioia - Italy - Endurance RiderVincenzo Gioia

Mohammed Almetleq

Mohammed Almetleq - Saudi Arabia - Endurance Rider | Mohammed Almetleq & Asalah