Corinne Alac

An endurance rider and showjumping rider from France, Corinne Alas has competed internationally in endurance competitions around the world, representing France at the 2016 world championships, horses competed by Corinne Alac includes Vidjaya De Bannes & Chalki Al`Khamsa.
Corinne Alac
Corinne Alac

Whitakers Familywhitakers family tree

Akzent II

Dressage Stallion Akzent II (Absatz x Wega) - Dressage Warmbloods Dressage Horses Database, Akzent II Breeding, Pedigree, Pictures, Videos, Information on Akzent II…
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  • Mare is Rescued from Mud Pond

    Mare is Rescued from Mud Pond

    These people saved a horse that was stuck in a mud pond and returns the horse to safety.
  • Heino van Loon

    Heino van Loon

    Rider Profile - Heino van Loon - Watch Heino Van Loon riding the international jumping stallion Freiherr 112 (Boss x Voltaire, KWPN Warmblood)
  • Non Stop

    Non Stop

    Non Stop (Darco x Glorca) - International Holstein Stallions At Stud :- Watch video of Non Stop in action and his sire Darco

Alamein Mohammed Alzein Adam

Alamein Mohammed Alzein Adam - Saudi Arabia

Little Tikes Rocking Horse Blue
This Little Tikes Rocking horse Blue is considered as one of the Little Tikes classic items. Its size is mall enough to provide support for a toddler. The seat of the rocking horse protects the child from sudden forward and backward movements. The handles are easy to hold and grip. Parents dont have to worry about assembly, since the rocker comes fully assembled. All of these factors make tike rocking horses appealing on the eyes of everybody, especially among children.

Alexey Zhmykhov

Alexey Zhmykhov - Kazakhstan

Q: How does Loss of Use coverage work?

A: Loss of Use helps to reimburse you for a percentage of your horse`s insured value in the event he is permanently unable to perform his insured use.

Loss of Use is only available for performance horses, not breeding or pleasure horses, and even then, is only available for some disciplines. This coverage is relatively complex. Contact our office and we will give you all the details.

Alwin Duiven

Alwin Duiven - HollandAlwin Duiven

Arnaud Lemaire

Arnaud Lemaire - FranceArnaud Lemaire

Betti Hallwig

Betti Hallwig - Germany

Brigitta Steinmaurer

Brigitta Steinmaurer - Austria

Irma Beck-Montgomery

Irma Beck-Montgomery - USA - Dressage Rider

Yuko Kitai

Japanese dressage rider Yuko Kitai, Watch below Yuko Kitai at the Rio Olympics with Don Lorean

Wrought Iron Gates
Yuko Kitai
Yuko Kitai

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Jrina Giesswein

Jrina Giesswein - SwitzerlandJrina Giesswein

Heinrich Bormann

Heinrich Bormann - Germany - Showjumping Rider Heinrich

Loratle Ramothusi

Loratle Ramothusi - Botswana - Endurance Rider

Stephen Egan

Stephen Egan - Ireland - Showjumping Rider Stephen Egan

Kriszti恪N Szabados

Kriszti恪N Szabados - HungaryKriszti恪N Szabados

Toncho Tranakiev

Toncho Tranakiev - Bulgaria

Anne Maddalon

Anne Maddalon - France

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Theofano Katsanoula

Theofano Katsanoula - Greece - Showjumping RiderTheofano Katsanoula

Mary Wills

Mary Wills is an American Endurance Rider Mary

Sofia Lundstedt

Sofia Lundstedt - Sweden - Eventing Rider

Azamat Zhaksylykov

Azamat Zhaksylykov - Kazakhstan - Showjumping Rider Marcus Ehning

Agathe Watterlot

Agathe Watterlot - France

Why clean a horses hooves?

Keeping your horses hooves clean keeps them healthy. Use a hoof pick every day to remove the buildup of dirt and debris. Long term exposure to bacteria can eventually lead to infections. Stones can collect in the hooves and cause bruising.Well-groomed horse ready for a show

It is always best to talk to your farrier or veterinarian before you use a product on your horses hooves. If you think your horse may have a problem, choosing the wrong product may make it worse.

After cleaning your horses hooves, you may want to enhance their appearance. The dozens of hoof products available can help moisturize your horses hooves and help them to shine. There are basically three categories of products:

Grooming a Horse icon Oil/Petroleum-based products, which add moisture

Grooming a Horse icon Creams/Lotions, which also add moisture

Grooming a Horse icon Hoof Polishes, which enhance appearance

After consulting with your farrier or veterinarian, choose a product that meets your horses needs.
Agathe Watterlot

Nicole Arrandale

Nicole Arrandale - USA - Eventing RiderNicole Arrandale

Samunder Singh Meer Singh

Samunder Singh Meer Singh - Qatar - Endurance Rider

Sara Riffeser Monti

Sara Riffeser Monti - Italy - Showjumping RiderSara Riffeser Monti