Cor de la Bryere

Cor de la Bryere is one of the most important stallion in the history of sport horse breeding, he can be found in many of the worlds leading showjumping horses, dressage horses and eventers. Progeny of Cor de la Bryere includes Calypso I, Calando I, Caletto I and Caletto II among many many other. Below is a video of Cor de la Bryere for you to enjoy.

Cor de la Bryere - Stallion

Cor de la Bryere


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Cor de la Bryère x -, -


Born in 1976 Inis is a holsteiner mare sired by Cor de la Bryere out of the Heilbutt mare Zunet.


Cor de la Bryère x Omara, -


Cor de la Bryère x -, -


Cor de la Bryčre x -, -

Sandstone Corrada

Sandstone Corrada combines the legendary bloodlines of Cor de la Bryere and Landgraf I. She joined our group of superbly bred mares in 1998. In 1999 she produced a colt by Sandstone Caballo.
Sandstone Corrada


Cor de la Bryère x -, -

Farah VIII

Farah VIII is a holstein daughter of Cor de la Bryere out of the Ladalco mare Ularda, Farah VIII is the grand mother of approved stallion Cirkado


Cor de la Bryère x -, -


Cor de la Bryère x -, -


Cor de la Bryère x -, -


Toscana is a mare sired by the stallion Cor de la Bryere, In 1985, Toscana was put in foal to the stallion Leander (Ladykiller xx), together they produced the stallion Le Comte II who competed in open show jumping and prix st george dressage


Sire Cor de la Bryere is not only a leading sire but a sire of sires. His full brothers Caletto I, Catetto II and Caletto III were stars also as were Calypso I, II,III, IV and V ! Cor de la Bryere bred International progeny with Corrado, Cordalme Z. The Olympic Champion Classic Touch and Calvaro. He sired our own famous Cavalier whose progeny had a fantastic impact on for Irish breeding in Irish and International showjumping, and even eventing. When Cor de la Bryere first started his stud career from a small number of foals he amazingly managed to produce Olympic horses in both Showjumping and Eventing from his very first crop.


Cor de la Bryère x -, -


Cor de la Bryère x -, -