Conteur is a popular dressage stallion in Germany, a son of the great Contender he flew through his stallion test gathering a great deal of interest from breeders. Conteur spent many years at State Stud in Celle, attracting some of Europe`s mares, producing some outstanding foals and youngstock. Below you can watch a clip of Conteur in action.

Conteur Stallion

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Acasia Conteur

Conteur x -, Belgian Warmblood - Belgian Horses

Esta Cierva

Conteur x -, Swiss Warmblood -

Gz Charlize

Conteur x -, Standardbred - Gz Charlize

Gz June

Conteur x -, Finnish Warmblood -

High Life14

Conteur x -, Bavarian Warmblood - Sports Horses International


Conteur x -, Holsteiner -

Romanno Country Aquire

Conteur x -, Hanoverian -Romanno Country Aquire

Romanno Rive Gauge

Conteur x -, Oldenburg -Romanno Rive Gauge


Conteur x -, Hanoverian -Sara111


Conteur x -, Holsteiner -