Coloured Friesian Foals

Coloured Friesian Foals

Most purebred Friesian horses are black in colour but many breeders are crossing these Friesian horses with coloured horses creating stunning coloured friesian cross foals, many of which pinto in colour creating a new sub breed known as Barock Pinto horses.

Friesian and Barock Pinto Mothers & Foals
Coloured Friesian Foal
Below is a picture of a stunning coloured foal sired by the stallion Mystic Warrior (Friesian x Appaloosa) Mystic Warrior Foal - Friesian x Appaloosa
The KFPS Royal Friesian HorseThe KFPS Royal Friesian Horse

Coloured Friesian Foals

Desert Orchid

Desert Orchid The Glories Grey - Winner of the 1989 Gold Cup / Racing legend Desert Orchid winner of the 1989 Gold Cup…
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