Coloured Foals - Black and White / Brown and White Foals

High Offley Fernando from a foal through to becoming a jumping horse : a lovely foal who grew into an impressive showjumper who jumps 1.40m, a talented sport horse High Offley Fernando is a sire who has produced many outstanding young horses and foals. Coloured Foals For Sale

Colour of Money - A black and white coloured foal, sired by High Offley Fernando out of a warmblood mare with a pedigree that includes Actionbreaker & Nabab de Revel Coloured Colt Foal For Sale

Sports Pony Studbook SocietySports Pony Studbook Society
Two coloured foals sired by High Offley Fernando, these two foals are an example of High Offley Studs breeding program, out of excellent warmblood sport horses. Coloured Showjumping Foals

Gypsy Vanner Coloured Foals Gypsy Vanner Coloured Foals

This little foal just brings out our feelings of Love Brown & White Foal

Aaaaaw spotty bubba - Appaloosa Foal Appaloosa Foal

Gypsy Vanner Coloured Foals Gypsy Vanner Coloured Foals

Coloured Falabella Foals Coloured Falabella Foals

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