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Cedric Jordan

Cedric Jordan is a showjumping rider from France, help us expand our rider profile please email us at Send us informaion, pictures and videos of Cedric Jordan and his horses.

Below you can watch a video of coloured jumping stallion High Offley Fernando, standing at stud in the UK.

High Offley Fernando

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Cedric Jordan
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Cedric Jordan

Cedric Angot

Cedric Angot - France
Cedric Angot
Cedric Angot

Cedric Bellanger

Cedric Bellanger - France

Cedric Bocque

Cedric Bocque - BelgiumCedric Bocque

Cedric Bourland

Cedric Bourland - France

Cedric De Chambord

Cedric De Chambord - FranceCedric De Chambord

Cedric Emery

Cedric Emery - FranceCedric Emery

Cedric Hurel

Cedric Hurel - FranceCedric Hurel

Cedric Longis

Cedric Longis - FranceCedric Longis

Cedric Marceaux

Cedric Marceaux - France

Cedric Scherrer

Cedric Scherrer - Switzerland
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Cedric Volo

Cedric Volo - BelgiumCedric Volo

Cedric Bibard

Cedric Bibard - FranceCedric Bibard

Cedric Cottin

Cedric Cottin - France

Cedric Gysbrechts

Cedric Gysbrechts - Cedric Gysbrechts

Cedric Kubicki

Cedric Kubicki - BelgiumCedric Kubicki

Cedric Maes

Cedric Maes - Belgium

Cedric Vanleerberghe

Cedric Vanleerberghe - Belgium

Cedric Lyard

Cedric Lyard - FranceCedric Lyard

Cedric Vache

Cedric Vache - FranceCedric Vache

Cedric Palmier

Cedric Palmier - France

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Description: Camelot is a small, family owned farm. We breed, train, and hitch our horses. We attend a few select shows as well as offer horse-drawn carriage service for all occasions. We train our horses at the farm for driving at shows and in our carriage service. We usually have some horses for sale.

Cedric Petit

Cedric Petit - France Cedric Petit