Cavaletti Poles

Cavaletti Poles

Cavaletti poles can prove to be an excellent training aid for you and your horse, helping improve your horses work and the flat and aid in show jumping exercises helping your horse find their balance. Below you can see some excellent Cavaletti flatwork training performed by Dressage Unlimited.

Cavaletti Poles!!! So Beneficial!!! They encourage increased flexion in the distal joints, they increase core strength and balance, they improve proprioception (awareness of the body in space) and they are a good mental exercise for your horse!!!

Cavaletti Poles
Four fantastic cavaletti or pole exercises to improve your horse! Wonderful explanations on requirements, tips for setting up, objective and options!

Distances and Handy Hints
Standard distances for cavaletti training:
Walk: 0.8-0.9 metres
Trot: 1.3-1.4 metres
Canter: 3.0-3.2 metres

Consider your horse`s stride and adapt the distances accordingly. Later on, the poles can also be used to work on lengthening or shortening strides, even to practise some half steps over cavaletti at half-height.

"How can cavaletti work improve your dressage horse? The answer is simple: Pole and cavaletti training fosters suppleness, rhythm, increased concentration and impulsion. Our expert panel of Ingrid Klimke and Kornelia Kindermann show you how." cavaletti jump
cavaletti jumps
diy cavaletti
#cavaletti day @dressageunlimited today! It was a challenge😅. The set up: 2 trot, 2 canter, 2 trot, 2 canter on a serpentine across centerline😱 Then kick the ball for fun ⚽️! The goals: 1. Trot the trot poles and canter the canter poles (sometimes this is challenging enough😝) 2. Make your transitions happen on a straight line towards the long side before the turn 💪💪. Cavaletti Poles

Cavaletti Poles