Cassionato is an international showjumping stallion competed by British rider Michael Whitaker, together with Michael, Cassionato has competed on many teams including representing Great Britain at the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2015 European championships.

Below you can watch Michael Whitaker riding Cassionato on the first day at the Rio olympics.


Cassionato was born in 2005, sired by Cassini I out of a Quidam de Revel daughter Perle Holstein

Cassini I

Michael Whitaker has competed many horses over the years as well as Cassionato, making one of the leading show jumping riders of all time. Follow the link below to watch videos of Michael Whitaker in action with his many top horses.Michael Whitaker


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Mettine Blach

Mettine Blach - DenmarkMettine Blach

Veronika Macanova

Veronika Macanova - Czech - Show Jumping Rider

Veronika Macanova Horses


Veronika Macanova Competition Results

72 - World Equestrian Games, Round 1 - Team final and 2 indiv. Two rounds - 30/08/2006 - Pompos
106 - World Equestrian Games, Team and individual Speed and handiness - 29/08/2006 - Pompos
28 - Bratislava, Grand Prix - 13/08/2006 - Pompos
13 - Bratislava, Nations Cup - 11/08/2006 - Pompos
11 - , Nations Cup - 14/05/2006 - Pompos
11 - , Nations Cup - 14/05/2006 - Pompos

Olivia Du Boucheron

Olivia Du Boucheron - Belgium - Showjumping Rider

Rebecca Holmes

Rebecca Holmes - UK - Eventing

Ulrich Fritz

Ulrich Fritz - Germany - Showjumping RiderUlrich Fritz

Patrick Guimbal

Patrick Guimbal - France - Showjumping Rider

Patrick Guimbal Horses

Hello Villers, Luc des Bruyeres,

Patrick Guimbal Competition Results

08 - Moorsele, 1.35 Mixed comp. - 09/06/2006 - Hello Villers
09 - Moorsele, 6/7 Years Mixed comp. - 09/06/2006 - Luc des Bruyeres

Bruno Brovelli

Bruno Brovelli - Switzerland Bruno

Terry Martin

Terry Martin - USA - Novice Non Pro Terry Martin on Hollywood Famous