Camargue Horse

Camargue Horses

An ancient horse breed from the South of France which carries its name, these small horses have lived wild in the marshes and wetlands of the Camargue region for hundreds of years.
camargue pony
Camargue Horse
Camargue horses are horses that are renowned for their hardiness, stamina and agility, although a wild horse breed Camargue horses are the mount of the Camargue "cowboys" camargue cowboys
Camargue horses always have a grey coat, generally they are between 135–150 centimetres (13.1–14.3 hands) in height which makes the majority of them in fact ponies and not horses. Camargue Horses
Their are three registration categories for Camargue horses, the Camargue registery, Camargue hors manade and the Camargue hors berceau. Camargue Horses
In 1970 a number of Camargue horses were introduced to the Po delta in Itally that has been treated as a new indigenous breed, they called these new horse colony Cavallo del Delta, at present their are just over 160 Cavallo del Delta horses. how do you see a camargue horse
A herd of Camargue horses can be found in the UK at Valley Farm, Suffolk who also maintain a British horse registery for Camargue horses. camargue horse for sale
Carmargue horses have been portrayed in a number of books and films, these include the childrens film Crin-Blanc (1953) which won the best short film title at the 1953 Cannes film festival. Watch clip of Crin Blanc below.

Camargue Horse

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