Calli Hellerstein

Calli Hellerstein - USA - Eventing / Calli Hellerstein riding Don Juanito Cross Country at The Event at Rebecca Farm.

Calli Hellerstein

Calli Hellerstein

Horse Deworming

Deworming of horses is critical to their good health. Parasites can lead to many health issues if not controlled.…
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  • Tribute - Spanish Riding School in Florian (1940)

    Tribute - Spanish Riding School in Florian (1940)

    The Lipizzaner horses Spanish Riding School is famed all around the year with a long history of horsemanship, below you can watch the 1940`s tribute held in Florian
  • Buying a Horse

    Buying a Horse

    You`ve finally decided that you want a horse of your own, so now you can simply go out and buy one, right? Well, a horse isn`t exactly as simple to own as a cute little kitten or a goldfish.
  • Coloured Marwari Stallion - Azaad

    Coloured Marwari Stallion - Azaad

    Based at Johal Stud Farm Punjab, Azaad is a coloured Marwari stallion. Azaad is sired by Majhuke