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Caletto I

Caletto I - Holstein Stallion

Born 1975 Caletto I is a leading breeding stallion who has fathered many outstanding sport horses, these include Roofs who competed at the world equestrian games with Jan Tops. Another son of Caletto was Calvaro Z who John Whitaker competed at the 2000 olympics. Below you can watch a clip of Caletto I.

Caletto I

Caletto I is one of the most successful horses in sport. He himself started his active sport career after two breeding seasons. Under Michael Ruping, Caletto I jumped at International level. Caletto I

Caletto I


Caletto I x -, -


Caletto I x Hedie, -Sanntona


Caletto I x Osteria, -

Tresse H

Caletto I x Kokarde, -


Caletto I x Krokus, -Zigeunerin

Temple Croesus

Caletto I x -, - Temple Croesus