Calando I

Calando I is a popular stallion who has proved highly important to the world of showjumping breeding, as a sire of many outstanding showjumpers. Under Karsten Huck, Calando I competed internationally, with good showing in Dublin, Rome, and Calgary, in 1984 Calando I and Karsten Huck won the German national championships. Below you can watch a video show casing Calando I.

Calando I


Graham Fletcher

Graham Fletcher - Double Brandy - Puissance HOYS 1977 - International showjumping rider Graham Fletcher…
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Calando I x -, -

Elmar 7

Calando I x -, -


Calando I x -, -

Head Carl Craf

Calando I x -, -

Febo It`s Christiane

Calando I x -, -

Silver Lining

Sired by Calando I
Silver Lining


Calando I x Gabriela, -


Calando I x -, -

Verelst Camillo V

Sired by Calando I, Competed by Candice King

Nancy Myles

- x -, -

Santo Domingo La Silla

Calando I x Zirze, -

Rubina Pintabona

Rubina Pintabona - Italy - Showjumping

Hidden Creek`s Charliie Brown

Sired by Calando I, competed by Margie Engle
Hidden Creek`S Charliie Brown

Santa Fe (Olympic Horse)

- x -, -