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Breeds of Horse For Showjumping

There are so many horse breeds out there that honestly it can be really daunting if you want to buy a horse. You want to make sure you find a horse that`s a great fit for you in many ways, such as personality and height, but there are other things that need to be taken into consideration as well. One of these things is the breed. While breed isn`t necessarily the most important, if you`re looking to excel in a certain field, you need to be equipped with the best "model" essentially. Just like thoroughbreds are used for racing, there are particular horse breeds that are best for show jumping.


originally coming from Prussia. What makes these horses so great for jumping is primarily their endurance. Although they may not be as agile as the thoroughbred or as trusting as the quarter horse, they will keep going for a long time. They also are known to be incredibly graceful, which is always an added bonus.


While you can teach any horse to jump and there are plenty of other breeds out there who will excel at show jumping, it`s important to remember that there are specific attributes you need to do show jumping well, and if you get a horse that isn`t as agile or athletic then you`re going to struggle to make it to the top.

This old horse breed is great for jumping because of their athletic build and intelligence. They are known to have bright, elastic movements, which makes them ideal for clearing those high jumps quickly.


Although we mentioned thoroughbreds above are great for racing, due to their agile nature, their also very adept at jumping. Their height and agility makes them graceful and able to gather speed and fly over jumps of great height with ease. What makes thoroughbreds so great as well as that they`re very common and can be found just about anywhere, so if you`re looking for a great show jumping horse but don`t want to have to ship one from another country this is a fantastic option.

Quarter Horse

While the Quarter Horse also excels at Western riding such as barrel racing, that same agility makes them perfect for show jumping as well. They`re solidly built and eager to please and with all that energy they have they`ll do whatever you ask them to on the course. It`s great to have a horse who`s agile and trusting, whereas the thoroughbred is notoriously known for getting a bit hotheaded.


The Arabian makes for a great show jumper because although they`re smaller, they`re thinner and also very agile. Their smaller stature doesn`t make as much of a difference because they`re known for their exuberance of energy, giving them plenty of power to clear high jumps.

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