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Breeding and Equine Sales Prep - The Waikato Veterinary Equine Centre

Our highly experienced and qualified veterinarian`s target is one early, healthy foal per mare per year and we use the latest technologies to achieve this including utilising modern ultrasound machines.

Mares which are difficult to breed are targeted with the latest and most current therapies, including fertility drugs and laser surgery. Pregnancy can be monitored intensively for conditions such as placentitis. Standing surgical repair of the reproductive tract, biopsy and caesarean section are undertaken where necessary. Artificial insemination (AI), including chilled and frozen techniques, is performed where appropriate.

Ensure you have the very best advice before making a decision at the New Zealand Bloodstock yearling sales

There is simply no substitute for experience when it comes to the accurate assessment of yearlings - clinically and radiographically . Hamilton Veterinary Services Equine team will be at New Zealand Bloodstock yearling sales again this year offering you the highest quality and most experienced veterinary support available.

Whether you are embarking on investing in bloodstock for the first time or are an experienced agent, our team of highly experienced veterinarians will help you to avoid potential future problems or needlessly missing out on a good horse because of a minor issue. These critical assessments require a level of expertise only gained after many years of practice, which is why we utilise our most experienced team at the sales.

We offer mare breeding contracts to assist you with budgeting and complimentary phone advice as you require it.

Breeding and Equine Sales Prep

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Breeding and Equine Sales Prep - The Waikato Veterinary Equine Centre