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Breeding Success - Rare Newfoundland Pony Foal Marks Conservation Milestone

The recent birth of a Newfoundland pony at Sarah Kean`s family farm is cause for celebration. With only approximately 450 of these ponies remaining, each new arrival is significant. Named Salty, the adorable filly is believed to be one of just four Newfoundland ponies born this year. She joins a cherished herd with a rich history, marking a crucial contribution to the preservation of this endangered breed.

In the 1980s, the population of Newfoundland ponies plummeted to an alarming low of 100 individuals across Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. Recognizing the ponies` cultural importance, the provincial government designated them as "heritage animals." This designation prohibits their export without proper permits and inspired renewed efforts from organizations like the Newfoundland Pony Society to safeguard the breed for future generations.
Newfoundland Pony Foal

Sarah Kean made a determined commitment to this cause when her mare, Belle, became pregnant. The anticipation filled the family as they eagerly awaited the arrival of Belle`s precious foal. The wait was not without its challenges, as Belle`s pregnancy lasted for 11 months, with the normally calm pony bearing the discomfort that came with it. However, the family`s patience paid off when the long-awaited birth finally occurred.

Throughout the process, Kean and her family closely observed Belle for any signs of labor. Despite the expected due date passing, Belle remained pregnant. However, when the time finally came, Belle surprised them all with her own plan for giving birth.

Breeding Success - Rare Newfoundland Pony Foal Marks Conservation Milestone