Beth Underhill

Beth was born September 5, 1962 in Georgetown, Ontario. She started riding at age seven at the local YMCA in Georgetown. When her parents purchased a farm shortly after, her competitive career was underway. As a teenager, Beth earned top honors from the Royal Conservatory for singing, but her love of horses won out.

After winning the Junior Jumper Championship in her final junior year, Beth moved on to the open jumper competitions with Sagan, winning the Ontario Open Jumper Championships in 1984 and 1986. First named to the Canadian Equestrian Team in 1990, Beth has ridden in over 25 Nations’ Cup competitions and, in 1993 was the first women to win the Canadian World Cup League, a feat she repeated in 1999. With her retired partner, Monopoly, Beth earned more than $1 million in the show ring.

[Beth Underhill]A veteran of Pan American, Olympic and World Equestrian Games, Beth has claimed the Canadian Show Jumping Championship title on three occasions – in 1994 and 1996 with Monopoly and in 1999 with Altair. With Monopoly, Beth won double silver medals at the 1991 Pan American Games in Cuba. They represented Canada at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona and were placed 14th individually at the 1995 World Equestrian Games.

Watch Beth Underhill, riding Monopoly - clear round in the Shell Cup Derby, 1995

Beth Underhill, riding Monopoly - clear round in the Shell Cup Derby, 1995

Having represented Canada at the 1998 World Equestrian Games in Rome, Beth and Altair were part of the Canadian team bronze medal effort at the 1999 Pan American Games. The same year, they finished second in the richest show jumping event in the world, the $800,000 du Maurier International at the Spruce Meadows Masters tournament, where Beth was also named the Leading Lady Rider.

Beth is now enjoying grand prix success with Magdaline, the mare she rode to victory in the 2004 World Cup qualifier in Bromont, PQ, and the $25,000 Collingwood Grand Prix as well as many other Grand Prix wins across North America.
Wrought Iron Gates
Beth Underhill

Beth Underhill Horses

Voltaire x - (01/01/1988)
Witzbold x - (01/01/1979)

Beth Underhill Competition Results

2 - Spruce Meadows, Du Maurier Grand Prix - 12/09/1999 - Altair
09 - Panamerican Games, Individual - 08/08/1999 - Altair
03 - Panamerican Games, Team - 08/08/1999 - Altair
1 - Blainville, Worldcup Qualifier - 07/07/1999 - Altair
2 - Quebec, World Cup Qualifier - 03/07/1999 - Altair
81 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1992 - Monopoly

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Beth Adams

Showjumper Beth Adams
Horse Videos

Beth Adams

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Beth Adams

Horse Videos

Beth Adams

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Beth Adams

Beth Vernon

Beth Vernon is a British showjumping rider with a proven track record producing horses from novice through to international with wins up to and including grand prix competitions. Below you can watch Beth Vernon in the Foxhunter final at Scope Festival of showjumping in 2012 with her horse Zirina Iv sired by Casco. Video : Zirina IV and Beth Vernon - Foxhunter Final Scope 8 Years Old KWPN by Casco


Zirina IV and Beth Vernon - Foxhunter Final Scope 8 Years Old KWPN by Casco

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Beth Vernon
Draft Horses For Sale


Elizabeth Evers - Swindell

Elizabeth Evers - Swindell - New Zealand - Eventing

Elisabeth Boor

Elisabeth Boor is a show jumping rider from Austria, horses competed by Elisabeth Boor include Quebec I (sired by Quidam`s Rubin out of the mare Wondura who is a daughter of Werther). Below you can watch Elisabeth Boor riding Quebec I.

Elisabeth Boor

Elisabeth Boor
Fly Repellent For Horses

Natural Fly Repellent - Basil is a natural fly repellent besides being a common herb used in cooking. Placing a pot of sweet basil near your kitchen window and doorway will help to repel those flies away. As an alternative, you can also place pots of Lavender around your home. Lavenders are both beautiful and nice smelling plants that can act as fly repellent in your garden.

Elizabeth Ball

Elizabeth Ball - USA
Horse Videos

Elizabeth Ball

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Elizabeth Ball

Carmen Elizabeth Gammie

Carmen Elizabeth Gammie - UK

Elizabeth Temkin

Elizabeth Temkin - USA - Dressage Rider
Elizabeth Temkin

Lisbeth Seierskilde

Lisbeth Seierskilde

Doreen Elizabeth Van Der Merwe

Doreen Elizabeth Van Der Merwe - South Africa

Elisabeth Stoiser

Elisabeth Stoiser - Austria - Showjumping
Elisabeth Stoiser

Beth Robinson

Beth Robinson - UK

Iouar Giorgio Hoys 138cm Class 2009 Ridden By Beth Robinson

Horse Videos

Beth Robinson

Posted by Stable Express

Beth Robinson

Horse Videos

Beth Robinson

Posted by Stable Express

Beth Robinson

Anne Elisabeth Rã¸hne Hallingstad

Anne Elisabeth Rã¸hne Hallingstad - Norway

Elizabeth Hendrix

Elizabeth Hendrix is an American horse rider, we have limited informationon Elizabeth Hendrix, please help us grow the database be sending us additional info to info@stableexpress.com

E-Commerce Website

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Horse Videos

Elizabeth Hendrix

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Elizabeth Hendrix

Beth Langley

Beth Langley - UK

Markings facial and leg

Facial markings 1. Star 2. Small diamond star 3. Round star 4. Diamond star 5. Half-moon star 6. Extended star 7. Narrow extended star 8. Interrupted star 9. Broad stripe 10. Blaze 11. Stripe 12. Blaze 13. Interrupted stripe with snip 14. Irregular blaze with partially white muzzel 15. Irregular blaze with darker snip and [...]
Horse Videos

Beth Langley

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Beth Langley

Horse Videos

Beth Langley

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Beth Langley

Beth Balotescu

Beth Balotescu - USA

Beth Barker

Beth Barker - USA

Beth Goodwin

Beth Goodwin - USA

Beth Baker

Beth Baker - Canada

Beth Connell

Beth Connell - UK

Beth Levine

Beth Levine - USA

Beth Lusky

Beth Lusky - USA

Beth O’rourke

Beth O’rourke - USA

Beth Perkins

Beth Perkins - USA

Beth Rosness

Beth Rosness - USA

Beth Turner

Beth Turner - Australia

Beth Weisberger

Beth Weisberger - USA

Beth Wheeler

Beth Wheeler - USA

Beth Murphy-Keane

Beth Murphy-Keane - USA

Beth Rice

Beth Rice - USA

Beth Sutcliffe

Beth Sutcliffe - UK

Elizabeth Callahan

Elizabeth Callahan - USA
Horse Videos

Elizabeth Callahan

Posted by Stable Express

Elizabeth Callahan

Elisabeth A. M. Franks

Elisabeth A. M. Franks - UK

Elisabeth Aardaleriksson

Elisabeth Aardaleriksson - Sweden

Elisabeth Austin

Elisabeth Austin - USA

Elisabeth Barral

Elisabeth Barral - France

Elisabeth De Ridder

Elisabeth De Ridder - France

Elisabeth Fenouil

Elisabeth Fenouil - France

Elisabeth Fredlund

Elisabeth Fredlund - Sweden

Elisabeth Haberl

Elisabeth Haberl - Austria

Elisabeth Hibon

Elisabeth Hibon - France

Elisabeth Jay

Elisabeth Jay - France

Elisabeth Kuss

Elisabeth Kuss - Austria

Elidabeth Weil

Elidabeth Weil - France

Elisabeth Bram

Elisabeth Bram - Luxembourg

Elisabeth Drã„Xler

Elisabeth Drã„Xler - Germany

Elisabeth Geluk

Elisabeth Geluk - Holland

Elisabeth Gross

Elisabeth Gross - Germany

Elisabeth Halliday

Elisabeth Halliday - USA

Elisabeth Hjelm

Elisabeth Hjelm - Sweden

Elisabeth Katona

Elisabeth Katona - Hungary

Elisabeth Meyer

Elisabeth Meyer - Germany

Elisabeth Oppelt

Elisabeth Oppelt - Germany

Elisabeth Paton

Elisabeth Paton - Australia

Elisabeth Rivet

Elisabeth Rivet - France

Elisabeth Schmitten

Elisabeth Schmitten - Germany

Elisabeth Senaldi

Elisabeth Senaldi - Italy

Elisabeth Siney

Elisabeth Siney - France

Elisabeth Steel

Elisabeth Steel - USA

Elisabeth Theurer

Elisabeth Theurer - Austria

Elisabeth Unger

Elisabeth Unger - Austria

Elisabeth Waldbauer-Schall

Elisabeth Waldbauer-Schall - Austria

Elisabeth Wallã˜e

Elisabeth Wallã˜e - Norway

Elisabeth Xalabarder Segales

Elisabeth Xalabarder Segales - Spain

Elisabeth Allaire

Elisabeth Allaire - France

Elisabeth Bieri

Elisabeth Bieri - Switzerland

Elisabeth Brinkmann

Elisabeth Brinkmann - Germany

Elisabeth Eversfield-Koch

Elisabeth Eversfield-Koch - Switzerland

Elisabeth Font Prat

Elisabeth Font Prat - Spain

Elisabeth Goyoaga

Elisabeth Goyoaga - Spain

Elisabeth Guyot

Elisabeth Guyot - France

Elisabeth Kruse

Elisabeth Kruse - Germany

Elisabeth Libby

Elisabeth Libby - USA

Elisabeth Monz

Elisabeth Monz - Austria

Elisabeth Rancurel

Elisabeth Rancurel - France

Elisabeth Robatsch

Elisabeth Robatsch - Austria

Elisabeth Simon

Elisabeth Simon - Germany

Elisabeth Verral

Elisabeth Verral - France

Elisabeth Wieland

Elisabeth Wieland - Austria

Elizabeth Aboody

Elizabeth Aboody - USA

Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth Allen - USA

Elizabeth Allum

Elizabeth Allum - Canada

Elizabeth Armstrong Powers

Elizabeth Armstrong Powers - USA

Elizabeth Ashton

Elizabeth Ashton - Canada

Elizabeth Bierman

Elizabeth Bierman - USA

Elizabeth Bowen

Elizabeth Bowen - Ireland

Elizabeth Brigham

Elizabeth Brigham - USA

Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown - New Zealand

Elizabeth Cardwell

Elizabeth Cardwell - Costa Rica

Elizabeth Caron

Elizabeth Caron - USA

Elizabeth Chesson

Elizabeth Chesson - USA

Elizabeth Cope

Elizabeth Cope - USA

Elizabeth Crowder

Elizabeth Crowder - USA

Elizabeth Aksten

Elizabeth Aksten - USA

Elizabeth Arand

Elizabeth Arand - Estonia

Elizabeth Becker

Elizabeth Becker - USA

Elizabeth Booth

Elizabeth Booth - UK

Elizabeth Card

Elizabeth Card - UK

Elizabeth Catherine Schaffer

Elizabeth Catherine Schaffer - USA

Elizabeth Coleclough

Elizabeth Coleclough - UK

Elizabeth Cullam

Elizabeth Cullam - Australia

Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Davis - UK

Elizabeth Dodge

Elizabeth Dodge - UK

Elizabeth Eaton

Elizabeth Eaton - USA

Elizabeth Ferber

Elizabeth Ferber - USA

Elizabeth Fort

Elizabeth Fort - USA

Elizabeth Gesler

Elizabeth Gesler - USA

Elizabeth Gingras

Elizabeth Gingras - Canada

Elizabeth Gray

Elizabeth Gray -

Elizabeth Gunthorpe

Elizabeth Gunthorpe - Australia

Elizabeth Haley

Elizabeth Haley - USA

Elizabeth Hamilton

Elizabeth Hamilton - UK

Elizabeth Hamman

Elizabeth Hamman - South Africa

Elizabeth Easton

Elizabeth Easton - USA

Elizabeth Falkinder

Elizabeth Falkinder - UK

Elizabeth Foster

Elizabeth Foster - USA

Elizabeth Gill

Elizabeth Gill - UK

Elizabeth Gredley

Elizabeth Gredley -

Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth Hall - USA

Elizabeth Hammond

Elizabeth Hammond - UK

Elizabeth Head

Elizabeth Head - Australia

Elizabeth Huyghe

Elizabeth Huyghe - Chile

Elizabeth Ioannou

Elizabeth Ioannou - USA

Elizabeth Isaacson

Elizabeth Isaacson - USA

Elizabeth Keathley

Elizabeth Keathley - USA

Elizabeth Kelemen

Elizabeth Kelemen - USA

Elizabeth Kilham

Elizabeth Kilham - USA

Elizabeth Klein

Elizabeth Klein - USA

Elizabeth Laurie

Elizabeth Laurie - USA

Elizabeth Lewis

Elizabeth Lewis - USA

Elizabeth Lorio

Elizabeth Lorio - USA

Elizabeth Magrietha Maas

Elizabeth Magrietha Maas - Namibia

Elizabeth Menezes Assaf

Elizabeth Menezes Assaf - Brazil

Elizabeth Morton

Elizabeth Morton - UK

Elizabeth Niemi

Elizabeth Niemi - USA

Elizabeth Northcote

Elizabeth Northcote - UK

Elizabeth Owens

Elizabeth Owens - Australia

Elizabeth Patrick

Elizabeth Patrick - USA

Elizabeth Pigott

Elizabeth Pigott - USA

Elizabeth Poulin

Elizabeth Poulin - USA

Elizabeth Reeves

Elizabeth Reeves - USA

Elizabeth Ricklefs

Elizabeth Ricklefs - USA

Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose - UK

Elizabeth Russell

Elizabeth Russell - USA

Elizabeth Schiff

Elizabeth Schiff - USA

Elizabeth Searle

Elizabeth Searle - USA

Elizabeth Sieberhagen

Elizabeth Sieberhagen - South Africa

Elizabeth Singer

Elizabeth Singer - USA

Elizabeth Spencer

Elizabeth Spencer - USA

Elizabeth St. John

Elizabeth St. John - USA

Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth Thomas - UK

Elizabeth Toomey

Elizabeth Toomey -

Elizabeth Weber

Elizabeth Weber - USA

Elizabeth Wilding

Elizabeth Wilding - New Zealand

Elizabeth Wilson-Weber

Elizabeth Wilson-Weber - Puerto Rico

Elizabeth Winter

Elizabeth Winter - UK

Elizabeth Zietsman

Elizabeth Zietsman - South Africa

Elizabeth Hart

Elizabeth Hart - USA

Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth Hunter -

Elizabeth Kane

Elizabeth Kane - USA

Elizabeth Kerespert

Elizabeth Kerespert - France

Elizabeth Kruger

Elizabeth Kruger - South Africa

Elizabeth Lawrence

Elizabeth Lawrence - Australia

Elizabeth Lukehurst

Elizabeth Lukehurst - UK

Elizabeth Mcroberts

Elizabeth Mcroberts - Australia

Elizabeth Moore

Elizabeth Moore - Australia

Elizabeth Murdoch

Elizabeth Murdoch - UK

Elizabeth Osborn

Elizabeth Osborn - USA

Elizabeth Power

Elizabeth Power - Ireland

Elizabeth Sanders

Elizabeth Sanders - New Zealand

Elizabeth Schumann

Elizabeth Schumann - USA

Elizabeth Scott

Elizabeth Scott - UK

Elizabeth Sheat

Elizabeth Sheat - New Zealand

Elizabeth Skinner

Elizabeth Skinner - Australia

Elizabeth Sobecki

Elizabeth Sobecki - Australia

Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth Stewart - USA

Elizabeth Van Der Vyver

Elizabeth Van Der Vyver - South Africa

Elizabeth Wilson

Elizabeth Wilson - USA

Elizabeth Wisner

Elizabeth Wisner - USA

Elizabeth Kuhn

Elizabeth Kuhn - South Africa

Elizabeth Leet

Elizabeth Leet - USA

Elizabeth Margaret Corrie

Elizabeth Margaret Corrie - UK

Elizabeth Metcalf

Elizabeth Metcalf - USA

Elizabeth Phillips

Elizabeth Phillips - USA

Elizabeth Purvis

Elizabeth Purvis - UK

Elizabeth Roach

Elizabeth Roach - USA

Elizabeth Wischer

Elizabeth Wischer - Australia

Elizbeth Lyonette

Elizbeth Lyonette - UK

Elsbeth Rekker

Elsbeth Rekker - Holland

Faye Elizabeth Buffey

Faye Elizabeth Buffey - UK
Horse Videos

Faye Elizabeth Buffey

Posted by Stable Express

Faye Elizabeth Buffey

Elizabeth Barron

Elizabeth Barron - USA
Elizabeth Barron

Jane Elizabeth Green

Jane Elizabeth Green - UK
Horse Videos

Jane Elizabeth Green

Posted by Stable Express

Jane Elizabeth Green

Jessica Elisabeth Petrus Cornelis

Jessica Elisabeth Petrus Cornelis - Jordan

Elizabeth Stone

Elizabeth Stone - UK - Dressage Rider

Lea-Elisabeth Pointinger

Lea-Elisabeth Pointinger - Austria

Liesbeth Postelmans

Liesbeth Postelmans - Belgium

Lisbeth Striboldt

Lisbeth Striboldt - Denmark

Lisbeth Hazoury

Lisbeth Hazoury - Dominican

Lisbeth M銣ller - Stephan

Lisbeth M銣ller - Stephan - Germany

Elizabeth Geddes

Elizabeth Geddes - New Zealand

Henry Horsebox Hire is run by Beth Lorch and Tori Bakker. The company was formed in 2004 and is based in the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire borders.

Contact Details
Tel. +44 (0)1844 275180
Mobile: +44 (0)7840 128811
Email: info@henryhorseboxhire.co.uk

Lucy Elizabeth Beckingham

Lucy Elizabeth Beckingham - UK

Marbeth Kollath

Marbeth Kollath - USA

Elisabeth Loresch

Elisabeth Loresch - Germany

Marie-Elizabeth Wahl

Marie-Elizabeth Wahl - Austria

Mary Elizabeth Bruwer

Mary Elizabeth Bruwer - South Africa

Mary Beth Hudson

Mary Beth Hudson - USA

Maryelisabeth Mclaughlin

Maryelisabeth Mclaughlin - USA - Eventing

Renata Elizabeth De Viveiros Eiras Moraes

Renata Elizabeth De Viveiros Eiras Moraes - Brazil

Sally Elizabeth Makin

Sally Elizabeth Makin - UK
Horse Videos

Sally Elizabeth Makin

Posted by Stable Express

Sally Elizabeth Makin

Sarah Elizabeth Olga Waddell

Sarah Elizabeth Olga Waddell - Brazil

Sarah Elizabeth Brickey

Sarah Elizabeth Brickey - USA

Sarah Elizabeth Hinchliffe

Sarah Elizabeth Hinchliffe - UK

Sophie Elizabeth Allinson

Sophie Elizabeth Allinson - Uk

Elizabeth Edgar

Elizabeth Broome Edgar - UK

Elisabeth Gronemeyer

Elisabeth Gronemeyer is a German event rider born the 7th of January 1987, she has represented German internationally with her talented horse Little Devil B
Elisabeth Gronemeyer

Claire Elizabeth Wright

Claire Elizabeth Wright Endurance Rider From Qatar

Rose De Setif`s clear yesterday in the 1.55m GP of Zug

Warmblood Foals
Claire Elizabeth Wright

Turning and Junctions - Riders must always be on the left side of the road even when reaching a junction and planning to turn towards right. Always look at the traffic and give signal before turning to any direction to specify your intention. When indicating your plan to turn right or left make sure that your belt is in the hand which remains on the reins and clutch your other arm out straight for 3 seconds so that adjoining traffic are able to see your the signal clearly. Always pay attention to the traffic and be ready to stop at a turn before turning if needed.

Elisabeth Fetz

Elisabeth Fetz is a vaulting rider from Austria, we have limited information on Elisabeth Fetz if you can help us expand our rider profile on Elisabeth Fetz and the horses that she competes by emailing us at info@Stableexpress.com

Elisabeth Fetz
Fly Repellent For Horses
Fly Repellent Screens - Beaded screens are both decorative and extremely effective in acting as a fly repellent. You can simply install them on your windows and entrance to get the whole house protected from the annoying flies. If you look around your neighborhood meat store or any other business establishments, you will notice that chain screens are commonly used to prevent any pests from getting into the them. The concept is similar to using beaded screens, except that the chain screens may look a bit awkward for home decor.

Elisabeth Conraux

Elisabeth Conraux is an international showjumping rider from France, born 24th September 1977.

Showjumping News - Keep upto date with the latest showjumping news from all around the globe.

Elisabeth Hommet

Elisabeth Hommet is a showjumping rider from France, horses competed by Elisabeth Hommet includes MAUDE DE SEDE a selle francais mare sired by PAPILLON ROUGE out of the mare LYSKA DE GALABAR who is a daughter of FORT DE LA COUR.

Elisabeth Hardy

Elisabeth Hardy is an endurance rider from Belgium, at the 2017 world endurance championships in Brussels with her horse Adir Folie, Elisabeth Hardy won the individual silver medal. Elisabeth Hardy also represented Belgium at the 2011 world championships and the 2012 European championships.

Dawson Forest Trails - (Dawson, GA): The Dawson Forest City of Atlanta Tract is a 10,130 acre forest owned by the City of Atlanta and managed by the Georgia Forestry Commission. Horseback riding is allowed on designated trails only. Riding is not allowed during firearms deer hunting days and not before 10:00 a. m. during deer archery and spring turkey hunting days. Vehicles towing trailers must park at the trailhead parking area near the Main Gate on Dawson Forest Road. A trail user fee is required. A daily fee can be deposited in a collection tube at the trail head or an annual pass can be obtained from the DNR Wildlife Resources Division NE Georgia office. All collected funds are used in trail maintenance and management. Directions: Take Hwy 400 North or South depending upon starting location to the Dawsonville Outlet mall Red Light. (Turn Left (West) if traveling North or Right (West) if traveling South onto Dawson Forest Road.) Continue straight for approximately 3.8 miles until the intersection/stop sign. Proceed straight through intersection for approximately 1 mile to South entrance gate. Proceed through gate and Parking Area/Trailhead will be just ahead on the right.

Elizabeth Iorio

Elizabeth Iorio - USA

Diddy Wins His Class & is Champion at Kent County!!

Tottie & Diva cooling off at the RIHS!

Gracie is 2nd at Kent County on her Debut

Diddy Wins at Hickstead Derby & is Reserve Champion
Diddy had a fantastic trip to Hickstead Derby Meeting and won his Open Class, then went on to be Reserve Champion!!!

Boris is Double Homozygous
Fantastic news,we found out that Lily`s foal Boris is double homozygous. This means that he will only produce coloured foals - but never a chestnut and white!!!!

From Animal Genetics:
I just spoke to the laboratory, the DNA sample indicates that Abbotswood Royal Male carries two inherited copies of the Tobiano-inversion in his genotype, this means he is Tobiano Homozygous. He will pass the Tobiano gene to 100% of his foals, since Tobiano is a dominant gene this means that regardless of the mare he covers - the foal will be `coloured`...

So even if he is bred to a solid mate, you`ll have Tobiano offspring, although if Royal Male is bred to non-Tobianos the foals will only be Tobiano Heterozygous, since the minimum requirement is two coloured parents to yield a Homozygous foal.

Elizabeth Davin

Elizabeth Davin - USA

Anne-Elisabeth Kenes

Anne-Elisabeth Kenes is a female showjumping rider from Belgium, who has competed internationally with a number of different horses, these include the horses Il Myoo Castanoo and Viscount.

Elisabeth Razynskas

Elisabeth Razynskas - Switzerland

All of our Custom Website Designs are uniquely hand coded Custom Designs integrating available interactive technologies, at no stage will there ever be a template used to design your Custom Website.

Elizabeth Bates

Elizabeth Bates is a Canadian showjumping rider with an international competition record, horses competed by Elizabeth Bates includes Aristo De La Cour, Chronos 31 and Coach 11. Below you can watch Elizabeth Bates in action riding Chronos 31.


Andrew Welles & Boo Van Het Kastanjehof finished second in the 2013 Wells Fargo Grand Prix of Devon.

Posted by Stable Express

Elizabeth Bates

Located about 90 miles from historic El Paso, Texas, in Cloudcroft, New Mexico, Chacaro So-Black Arabians & Pintos has been in operation since 1986. Since its inception, the primary focus of Roy and Charlotte Ivy`s breeding program has been black purebred Arabians and black and white Pinto/National Show Horse/Half-Arabians.

Situated at 8,600 feet, the beautiful 27 acre ranch is perched at the edge of the Lincoln National Forest and is surrounded by tall pines and beautiful quaking aspen. Wild turkey, deer and elk drink from the Chacaro spring and make their permanent home on and around the Ivy`s property. The main ranch house overlooks the pastures providing the family and visitors the delightful opportunity to enjoy the mares and foals at play in the spring and the breathtaking colors of fall foliage in the autumn.

The ranch itself features a roomy nine-stall show barn plus two smaller barns composed of eight stalls for weaning, foaling and mare care purposes. The balance of the acreage is fenced and includes several fine pastures for the broodmares and babies. For training purposes there are round pens and a working riding area.

From feeding and daily maintenance to the important "hands on" of breeding and foaling, Chacaro is very much a family-owned and operated business. Roy and Charlotte invite your inquiries and visitors are always welcome!


Elisabeth Chabannes

Elisabeth Chabannes - France - Showjumping
Elisabeth Chabannes

Beth Young

Beth Young - USA
Beth Young