Best Horse Race Finishes

Any fans of horse racing, nothing more exciting than the finish, how many of us have ripped up a betting ticket only for our horse to make a late break for a victory, below you can watch eight crazy race horse finishes.

Best Horse Race Finishes

Masayasu Sugitani

Masayasu Sugitani - japan - Showjumping Rider / Born: May 18, 1943 in, Osaka, Japan

Masayasu Sugitani Horses

Ring, Seraphine

Masayasu Sugitani Competition Results

43 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1972 - Seraphine
26 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1968 - Ringo

Maxime Verlinden

Maxime Verlinden - Belgium - Showjumping Rider

Howard Green

Howard Green - Hong Kong - Eventing

Henrietta Hine

Henrietta Hine - UK - Eventing

Wesley Joyce

Wesley Joyce - Australia - Jockey Wesley Joyce