Best Horse Race Finishes

Any fans of horse racing, nothing more exciting than the finish, how many of us have ripped up a betting ticket only for our horse to make a late break for a victory, below you can watch eight crazy race horse finishes.


Pius Schwizer

Pius Schwizer, showjumping rider from Switzerland | Alltech Christmas Puissance 2011 Finale - Pius Schwizer - Koby Du Vartellier Showjumper Pius Schwizer …
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  • Horse Shows

    Horse Shows

    Any fans of horse of the year show, share you HOYS memory`s in the comments below. click here to watch HOYS show reel & Stableexpress. Stableexpress has results, news & information from horse shows from all around the world.
  • Dan James - Liberty with 6 Horses

    Dan James - Liberty with 6 Horses

    Watch liberty training demo by world renowned horse trainer Dan James, horse displays
  • Gerard Clarke

    Gerard Clarke

    Gerard Clarke - Woudprins Ravensdale grand Prix jump off | Gerard Clarke - Ireland - Showjumping - Coloured showjumper competed by Gerard Clarke - Stable Express Horse Website